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The Shine After The Dark – Tiny Inspirational Tale

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Just when you think your whole life is being engulfed by the dark clouds, you see a small beam of sun, shining it’s the brightest smile at you. The warmth and comfort make you forget all the wet and cold nights. Just like that you become so used to it that you forget where came from and start believing that this is where you belong. Trust me there is nothing like this feeling but as it is said that if anything is constant that is change!

And thus with this insecurity, you cease to enjoy the moment. You know that this insecurity will serve you no good and this dark feeling has to pass. But you forget that as like with every passing dark phase, even this phase has to pass. The only thing that would remain is memories. The memory of those bright shining eyes, those loving hugs, that laughter and not to forget that sheer loving care.

I want it all, I want it forever. If it takes me to lose myself, I would lose me forever. For true love is all we need, there is nothing greater than it. A loving hug or a caring call will content you like nothing else.

In this stormy mind of yours lies many secrets, spilling it to someone worth is all that we crave. A tear here and a glance of guilt there is what they say is life but here I strongly believe that this beam of the sun with the brightest shine is all that is mine.

– Urja Mane 🙂

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