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How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Likes and Followers? 👍⬆️

How to get likes on instagram India

Do you wonder how sometimes some OK type of pics on Insta get hundreds of likes? Either they are plain lucky, or they are smart. What are the smart things they use, you guessed it correctly. The answer is already given in the title :p. Instagram is widely popular across the whole world and in India too. We upload selfies like anything. It feels great when you get more likes and excellent comments, isn’t it?

Let’s come to the point. If you are an Instagram user, you might be using several hashtags while uploading your pictures. I have seen many of my friends using hashtags that aren’t even remotely relevant to their picture, like once one of my friends posted her washroom selfie, and the hashtags were like #stylista, #fashiongoals, #couplesgoals #thuglife #sassything, and blah blah blah. That’s why I thought I should write this article and give you a little insight into how the hashtags work.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Likes and Followers? 👍⬆️

Hashtags were invented by Twitter and eventually, all social media sites started using them, and later it became the most popular on Instagram. Hashtags are used to approach people with similar interests. So if you want to see pictures about Mumbai, you can just type the #mumbai hashtag in search, and you’ll come across a huge number of pictures with a #mumbai tag with them. So let’s see how we can use hashtags more efficiently and get more likes on your awesome pictures and get you more followers.

Use Specific Hashtags

Using Specific hashtags which are relevant to your picture will help you to get more likes from people with similar interest on that topic. So, if you want to upload your photo with your KTM RC bike, make sure you use specific hashtags like #KTMrc, #390cc and more like these if applicable. You can also use hashtags related to bikes such as #roadtrip, #racing and so on. Just make sure you don’t use any irrelevant hashtags even if they are popular.

Search for Popular Hashtags for Your Picture

Think before you speak, google before you post.” Don’t just use any hashtags for your picture. Take some time and search for popular and trending hashtags on that topic. So if you want to post the picture of your cappuccino at CCD, there are popular hashtags for coffee such as #Coffeetime, #Coffeeaddict, #Coffeeoftheday and few more. Here we have made a list of top best Instagram hashtags to get more followers and likes.

Let us take an example of a search. If you want to know popular hashtags related to coffee, go to search bar and type #coffee and wait. Within a fraction of second, it will show you a list of the popular hashtags on Instagram based on a number of post in it. If you want real-time trend analysis, then there are many paid sites which have sorted lists of hashtags and their visualizations according to their topics, e.g., hashtracking.com, hashtags.org.

Limit Yourself

Although Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in a single post, it’s not cool to use all of them. Only 2 to 10 hashtags are enough to partner with your caption. Don’t use all 30 hashtags because you can.

Instagram #WHP Project

#WHP (Weekend Hashtag Project) is a series started by Instagram’s Community Team where they choose theme and hashtag and showcase the best picture with that theme or hashtag on their page every week on Friday. So if you think you can click good pictures then upload them to Instagram with #WHP hashtag and wait until they announce the winner.

Don’t Use Overly Popular Hashtags

Using popular hashtag may sound tempting, but they don’t work all the time. Your pic will be lost under the pile of thousands of photos posted every second with same hashtags. Hashtag #love has more than 87,71,08,836 Instagram posts, and your picture will be one of them. Don’t forget that hashtags show your pic based on the timestamp if say some 20 more pics uploaded in a minute then no one going to see your picture in that popular hashtag.

Don’t Use your Stupid Hashtags

Apparently using your self-made hashtags like #mahbike #merababuisbest #mahlyfmaahrulzzz won’t work on Instagram until and unless you are a trendsetter. So STOP IT!

If you can take care of these things, you’ll get more likes, and you can get noticed by other Instagrammers also. Let us know in comments if you got some more tips and don’t forget to rate the article. See Ya. 

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