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Science Fair Project Ideas for your school-going siblings

Science Fair project ideas india

Do you have a younger school-going sibling? If yes, then you know what I am talking about. Teachers must have given them a timeline to submit their science fair project ideas, and they are nagging you or your parents for the topics. You may ask, why am I writing about this here on dejavuh, right? Go into your recent past and try to remember who helped you for your projects. Now you are grown up and already did those fairs. Plus, now you know more about science. Then why not to spend some quality time with your younger cute sibling on a science project or for that matter on any type project. Nowadays even primary and elementary schools also arrange different kinda fairs. They have projects on vivid topics like art, physics, life science, culture and more.

Here are few things you can do to bring that cute smile on his /her face again.

Get ideas from the internet

Grab your phone and google “science project ideas” or “school project ideas”. You will see some great websites and few crappy too, but I will recommend the best one I found so far. is having a vast collection of science projects, school activities, games, workbooks. If you go to their project section, you get some 1762 ideas written and explained in the most excellent way. Those can be sorted based on grade or subject. You need to sign up to download complete procedure of project. I think this one website enough to help your sibling.

Download and print the procedure

Now you must have downloaded the project procedure and list of things required etc. Print couple of copies so that they can submit it to school.

Help them to build prototype

Now it’s time to build the prototype; you might need to collect things required from a nearby mall, or even you can order it online. Now you ready roll… but guys, safety first. You can use safety goggle, gloves, etc. If you are dealing with electricity, then remember it’s not fun, be careful.

Extra dose of Science

I follow these cool science YouTube channels; they are best. You can check the channel and recommend same to any science-loving person. (that’s what I am doing right now)

Veritasium & 2veritasium – Awesome YouTube channel from Derek Muller.

Vsauce – This guy is unbelievable, the way he answers and put different perceptive to common questions is out the world. He is the “Michael Stevens.

Here are few more impressive science YouTube channels.

SmarterEveryDay, MinutePhysics, Numberphile, Physics Girl

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