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School Annual Day Function – Theme Ideas, Invitation Card Design, Formats

School Annual Day Function - Theme Ideas, Invitation Card Design, Formats

An annual day or cultural day is one of the most awaited events in school and even in colleges. This is the day when children come out from everyday school stress, it is their gateway to fun. Teachers, organizers put a lot of efforts in making the day special for children. They try to make it different and better than others. Sometimes local newspapers also cover well organized and unique events in school.

If you are the one who is in organizing team and looking for unique and different themes for your school’s annual day function then you are at right place. In this article, we will give you creative school annual day invitation samples, theme, and ideas too. Let’s begin with one thing at a time.

School Annual Day Function Theme/ Celebration Ideas

There are some overly used themes like a carnival, traditional, patriotic, Christmas which almost every school opt for. There are very fewer enthusiasts like you who go out of the way and look for different themes for annual day to make it special and rememberable. Best tip is, you can take some current event and base a theme on top of it. Here are some unique examples

Climate Change: It is one of the biggest issues world is facing right now. With this theme, you can spread awareness of the issue plus you might get media coverage and appreciation from parents, management for taking up such important issue and talk about it in fun and easy way.

Women Empowerment: It is the high time to recognize women power. If boys get to know about gender equality, women power, and their success stories at an early age they will not discriminate women later in life. It might boost the girl’s confidence. Here are the things you can do under this theme, have an all women team, show up women achievement in form of painting sketches, rangolis etc. Curate songs and dance performances which encourage students to think about women empowerment.

Under this theme, avoid the Bollywood, Indian or western item songs which depict women as a sex object or an eye candy. Rather you should choose songs like “Badalon Pe Paon Hai” from “Chak De” movie- this movie correctly shows how women are treated in a country like in India and how to come out of it and take steps towards success. Another option is “Patakha Guddi” song from movie “Highway”- showing feelings of a girl experiencing freedom for the first time. You can also have dance, drama, acts based on this theme too.

We can give you a long list of such songs, but it’s not is the scope of this article. But, we think you got the idea.

Entrepreneurship: You can also have entrepreneurship theme, though it sounds difficult you can make it simple so that school students can understand it. Indian PM promoting the Stand-Up, Start-Up India, so this will be a great theme for the annual day.

Clean India: You can also have a theme based on Swatch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India campaign). This is one of the pet projects of our PM, you can display your work on Clean India campaign website too. Such themes will help students to develop healthy, hygienic habits at an early age.

Here are some other simple but creative annual school day function themes and ideas

5 senses, jobs, healthy habits, emotions (take ideas from “Inside Out” 2015 English animation movie). Avoid fairy tales, cartoons characters, cliche theatrical themes, those are overly used; your audience will get bored the second they enter the premises for annual day function celebration. Instead go for, outer space, DIY art, nature theme. You can do decorations, food items based on these themes too.

Invitation Card Ideas for School Annual Day – Design, Content/Matter

Most of the time, schools puts the news and schedule of annual day or a cultural day on notice board and inform students in the class. Usually, there is no direct communication with parents and they call up a chief guest for their availability.

You, as a forward-thinking individual should choose some new method for invitations. Your invitation itself should make an impression on your expected audience, if they impress with your invitation design, content and language then they will turn up for the event.

The language you use in the invitation totally depends on how you want to portray your school. You can opt for funny, witty and creative language or you can go for more formal one, whichever suits your school’s persona.

Here are some sample invitation designs and content which can be printed as pamphlets or shared on email ID or even on WhatsApp. These invitations are in card format and designed with an awesome online tool called , They’ve got a huge collection of invitations card formats. you can also use a letter format too.

School Annual Day Function Invitation Card Design Ideas and format

annual day invitation card sample design and format for school, pre schools

Letter format Invitation

It’s same as a normal letter but you should limit it to 1 paragraph. You must share What, Where, When in the invitation. Here is an example: This a very easy and formal letter format. You are allowed to be creative.


To, Date:
Mr. & Mrs. Anil Sharma,

Subject: Invitation for annual day function

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are delighted to inform you that, our school is celebrating the 10th annual day at 6:30 PM on January 18th, 2018 in the school auditorium. We would like you to be part of this celebration. ………………………………………

Kindly reply to this mail or call Ms. Shymala to book your seat. I request to attend the event and make it a grand success.

Your’s faithfully,


Note: Follow the given links, if you are a teacher looking for a welcome speech, a vote of thanks for annual function or you are a principal searching for tips on annual day report presentation and speech.

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