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Vote of Thanks Speech Script For Guest Lecture in College in English

Vote of Thanks Speech Script For Guest Lecture in College Seminar in English

Schools and colleges are the primary sources of education for the students. Students attend schools and college for academic education which helps them in their daily life and the future. Schools and colleges sometimes organize seminars, workshops for students to gain additional knowledge. They invite a guest lecturer to conduct a lecture for the students on a particular topic. Hence we have written this vote of thanks for the guest lecture in college.

The lecturer shares his valuable knowledge with the students. He/she usually travels a long distance to conduct the seminar. Hence it is necessary for the school, college management committee or the students to thank the lecturer for visiting, conducting the lecture and sharing his valuable with the students.

You must be here because you are given the responsibility of presenting the vote of thanks for the guest lecture. Don’t worry! We are here to help. In this article, we have given you a sample Vote of Thanks, speech script for the Guest Lecture. So there are two parts in this vote of thanks, speech. First is the vote of thanks, speech by the students to thank the guest lecturer. And another one in the vote of thanks speech by the guest lecture to the college. So let’s start.

The vote of Thanks Speech by the Student to Thank the Guest Lecturer

Good evening everyone. I am Ajay and I am here to present the vote of thanks for today’s lecture. I would like to thank our guest lecturer Mr. XYZ for visiting and enlightening us with their knowledge. Today’s lecture was full of knowledge and interesting things. It gave deep insights into the topic and also revealed some interesting facts. The point where Mr. XYZ told us about the ____ was really informative. I am pretty sure the precious knowledge that Mr. XYZ gave us will definitely help us in our studies and future. 

Once again I would like to thank Mr. XYZ for taking out time from their busy schedule and enlightening us with the knowledge. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank our Principal Mr. ABC for giving permission to organizing this lecture and inviting Professor XYZ to conduct it. I want to thank the student committee who really worked hard to make this event successful. Also, thank you to all the students present here for paying your attention and learning. I would end my speech here. Thank you. The vote of Thanks Quotes, Sample and Templates

This was the vote of thanks speech by the student for thanking and expressing the gratitude to the guest lecturer, principal committee and students. Now we will see the sample vote of thanks speech script by the Guest lecturer for Inviting him/her to the lecture.

Vote of Thanks Speech by Guest Lecturer for Inviting Him/Her for the Lecture

Good evening everyone, Principal Mr. ABC and all the students. Today’s day was really a day of learning. I am really glad I could share the bit of knowledge I have with all of you. You are great listeners. I really enjoyed teaching you. I liked how we interacted and debated on various topics and statements. I rarely see such bright students. You have a great future ahead. It was a pleasure teaching you. I want to thank Principal sir for inviting me for conducting this lecture. Thank you all of you. 

So this was the vote of thanks speech by the guest lecturer thanking for inviting him/her to the lecture. If you want this vote of thanks speech for the guest lecture in the college in PDF format then let us know in the comment section below. The Sample Vote of Thanks Speech for National, University Level Seminar

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