Essay on Environmentally Sustainable Tourism – Paryatan Parv Essay Competition

Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

In the last post, we saw a sample essay on Education and Tourism Move Hand in Hand which is also a topic in central governments’ Paryatan Parv (Tourism Festival) essay competition. You might want to read that essay too, it will help you in writing an essay on Environmentally Sustainable Tourism.

Let’s try to understand a bit about competition and the paryatan parv campaign by Indian Tourism Ministry. The campaign aims to spread awareness about tourism, its association, impact on education, economic and social prosperity, understanding its role in improving mutual understanding and social harmony. It also aims to improve plurality in Indian society and educate people in environmentally sustainable tourism.

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Guys, please note that these are sample essays, do not just copy paste, instead take an overall idea and write it in your own style and vocabulary.

Essay on Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

We need to understand what is sustainable tourism means. Accordingly to Wikipedia, “Sustainable tourism is a concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on world, society, and economy”. Tourism involves transportation, entertainment, adventure, shopping, accommodation and other related activities. By making green, clean choices in those activities environmentally conscious tourist helps the nature.

In the west, tourist adapting to this sustainable tourism idea. India as a favorite tourist destination among world travelers needs to adapt to changing tourism trends.

Here are the things which we as people, society, hosts, and government can do to promote, implement the environmentally sustainable tourism.

Green Transportation

Tourism is not possible without travel, it is a core of it. In India, almost all of our transportation vehicles use fossil fuels which increases the carbon footprint. In turn, it worsens the climate change problem. To make transportation environmentally sustainable, we need to use LPG, CNG vehicles in the tourism industry. We should adapt to hybrid and electric vehicles. We need to set up infrastructure to promote electric vehicles.

In the last couple of month, we see some development in this area. Elson Musk’s Tesla motor is launching it’s electric car in India this year. This will help is catalyzing the use of electric vehicles in tourism too. The government also gave contact to Tata Motors for 10,000 electric vehicles which will be used by government officials. One more good thing is this area is India trying to replace all petrol, diesel vehicles with electric ones by 2030. This is one of the biggest move towards not just environmentally sustainable tourism but towards reaching climate change goals set by Paris agreement.

Deforestation Affecting Jungle Life

Some areas in India see a more tourist influx. To accommodate and serve guests locals and hotel companies build hotels, motels, restaurants, activity places, playgrounds etc. To achieve this they cut trees, build machans, huts, cottages in wild; these activities disturb the wildlife. We need to find space to accommodate growing businesses but without harming wildlife.

Water Life

Tourist and host /local activities also disturb water life. We throw garbage bins in the river, dispose of industrial waste in rivers and oceans. We cut mangroves, we illegally mine rivers beds for sand. All these activities disturb the water life.

Waste Management

Increased tourist influx increases waste. Tourist themselves litter on roads and on top of it in India we dont have proper infrastructure and procedure to dispose of waste. Rather than recycling most of the waste gets dumped somewhere. Though this is a hard reality, we have a bigger problem than this. We, Indians are not disciplined people, we dont follow rules. We as a society need to learn from Sweden which uses all of its waste for various purposes. (Note: Guys, google this topic and read about it.)

Green Electricity

We use electricity to offer various necessary and luxury services to tourist. These services range from warm and cool rooms, jacuzzi, hot water, electric plates and coffee makers. We decorate hotel, restaurant, lobbies, campuses with lights. We forget that most of that electricity is generated by burning coal which increases pollution and hefty carbon footprint. We need to look for alternate, renewable energy sources like solar, tidal, wind, biomass etc.

Note: Read our other essay on Essay on Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change. This will help you to add more insights in this essay.

Environmentally Conscious Tourist

Western tourists are more environmentally conscious, locals and tourism ministry should adapt to this new change. We need to adapt to green, clean technologies and appliances or else India might see a decline in tourist number in future. In turn, it will affect the economic and social fabric of society which is highly dependant on tourism.

Tourism helps to bring economic and social prosperity, it helps to build mutual understanding and social harmony, it also helps to understand the plurality.

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