Essay on Role of Media in our Modern Life, Society, Democracy in India

Essay on role of media in our life, governance

Early days before the independence of India, newspapers were the only possible way to distribute the media. It was controlled by the British Raj and later with few in special families. The journey of advancement of the media in India is quite remarkable. It went from newspapers, radio to Snapchat. Daily be bombarded with news, feeds, messages, notifications, and what not, these are the miracles of modern age media.

This is one of the most favorite topics for essays and speech in school and colleges. As it is related to the teenagers and students; it is more likely that it will be in your exams for essay or paragraph writing. Here in this article, we are giving you the information about the role of media, its history, progress and current status. We will be discussing pros and cons, disadvantage ad disadvantages of the media in Indian society. In next session, we will be discussing the impact of modern day media in our life.

Essay on role of media in modern life, society, democracy in India

Media has played a big role in Indian Independence struggle and after that in development of the nation too. Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. Media represents the voice of the people and that is why it is one of the integral parts of the democracy. Media in India has gone through a big change, from radio to Facebook to push notifications.

Types of media and its history and growth in India

Print media or newspapers like Kesari a newspaper started by Lokmanya Tilak and other such newspapers did the commendable job of spreading the message of the freedom struggle. After independence in India, newspaper/printing press was the only way of distributing & consuming the media. It was mainly operated and controlled by the government and few rich families. Later, in next decades radio broadcasting system was developed. Akashvani was the first state run radio channel in India. It used to distribute not only news but music programs, interview too. The Akashvani have cult status in Indian media history.

The popularity of the radio media was overshadowed by the introduction of television. Black and white television sets entertained is with movies, cricket matches and serial. Doordarshan was first and the only channel there and now we have more than 600 channels on the TV. As demand increased supply of the channel is also increased. This was the era of the emergence of Zee TV, Sahara TV, Sony TV, later MTV, Channel V also joined the bandwagon. Now see at least their channel added to Indian TV media list once a year.

Next phase in Television media was the private news channels. Till then we used to get news and updates the only couple of times in a day on Doordarshan and some early day channel. In this era, 27X7 news channels emerged like NDTC, AajTak, IndiaTV, Star News (now ABP). At the start, Hindi news channel picked up and then English and regional TV news media channel came along.

Same time the broadcasting technology was also improving, we started shifting from antenna to cable to individual dish antenna. Today we are going towards the smart TV which shows program over the internet. India had gone through a big change in this era where mainly television media dominated the country.

In the decade of 90, we saw a gradual expansion of electronic media. businesses had their websites which made easy to find, spread the message to adaptive, modern society of India. Internet and word wide web changed the media industry since then. People started blogs, youtube channels. The Internet gave us opportunity speak, express and share it with the whole world. These technologies the media industry since then.

Later biggest change in this industry was social media giants like Orkut followed by Facebook. Social media gave totally new and different way of distributing and consuming data. Google was and is the main source to find the data over the internet. It facilitates to search millions of pages of online knowledge from recipes to astrophysics. Newer technologies and smartphones bringing newer ways for us to read, write, share the media or content. From post mails to emails and push notifications. We have seen it all.

Noe International media outlets also trying to capture India’s 1.3 billion markets. Famous media companies like BuzzFeed, Yahoo, Huffington post started their Indian version. Standing strong with foreign competition our modern age media websites like Indiatimes, Sify, swoop whoop capturing more and more modern Indian audience.

Future technologies like Virtual reality (VR), Augmentative reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D is going to conquer the world of media, this transformation is already started in the west and in few years it will reach to India.

Impact of Media in India

Media industries like print/newspaper, Television, Radio, Electronic/digital played a good and bad role. It is definitely having and will have a bigger and influential role on Indian audience.

Impact and Role of media in nation building and development.

Media has played a very important role in the development of the nation. Now the News TV channels have debates, discussions, documentaries, they raise campaigns, ask difficult questions to politicians. Common people express their views, anger, support sympathy for different causes, social issues on social media. They express themselves with images and videos. In today’s world, the best example of media in national development will be the use of digital media by the politician and mainly the Prime Minister. He delivers the Mann Ki Baat radio program, he is also active on the Twitter. World’s biggest leaders have Twitter accounts and millions of people follow them on it. Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj helped a lot of people who reported their problem on Twitter to her. Such advancement of media technology gives a common man as easy chance to connect and communicate with the politicians, leaders, and celebrity.

Digital media as a great potential to change the education system in India. Digital media technologies like animation, VFX etc can help teachers to teach better and can help students to learn faster and intuitively. This will be probably the best service of media in nation building.

Role of Media Democracy

Democracy is the system made by people for the people; people are at the center of it. The basic structure of democracy depends on the involvement of people, without people participation there is no democracy. One way of people participation is their voting rights and another way in media. Media is called as the voice of the people. It is the moral duty of a journalist to raise a voice for poor and unprivileged. Media has a big responsibility in democracy. But by observing the current situation of Indian media it looks like it has become a business only. We see lobbying in Indian media, it is all political game now. Each big party wants the monopoly of media, because they know the power of media. In today’s modern world it can make or break the governments.

Advantages & disadvantages of media in our life and society

Like a technology invention media advancement also have a good and bad side. some call modern media is a boon and some call it curse or bane. In reality, it’s true that it has its pros and cons both.

News & Updates

Now we get news, updates all the day which keep ups up to date with the world, we know what is going around us, but problem in that everybody wants to have your attention , they all want to you to read their news, and we are bombarded with same news from dozens of sources.


As media industry is becoming more and more business centric, we see a plethora of ads on the digital media, even on the TV and radio. Each 10 minutes we will see, hear the ad. Like TV now we cannot skip some ads on YouTube.

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