Rani Laxmi Bai- The Iron Lady Of India

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“India is my country”. Today, we proudly say this and we enjoy living in an independent country only because of those some gutsy and intelligent personalities like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Lokmanya Tilak who fought for us with their brave and ferocious attitude with British. But when we say BRAVERY, Can you see an image of a lady warrior in front of your eyes? Yes, she is none other than the queen of Jhansi “Rani Laxmi Bai”. She is a symbol of bravery, patriotism, and honor who is now known as Iron Lady of India.

Very few women marked their name in the struggle for independence and Rani Laxmi bai was one of them. We are here to provide you information about Rani Laxmi Bai in our article. She is also known as The warrior queen of Jhansi. This article will help you to give a speech, to write an essay, a paragraph in your school and college competition or on the occasion of International Women’s day, Independence day. This just a core information you can use this article as reference.

The brave lady warrior rani Laxmi bai is a daughter of Moropant Tambe and Bhagirathi Sapre. She was born to a Maharashtrian family on 18th November 1835 at Kashi(Varanasi). In her childhood, she lost her mother so she was raised by her father who used to work in Peshwa court. When other kids were playing with toys this young and reckless girl was taking lessons of martial arts, horse and elephant riding, shooting and fencing from her father. She had not just learned to self-defence but she formed a group of warrior ladies too. With whom she used to go to a war. In the year 1842, she got married to maharaja of Jhansi Raja Gangadhar Rao Newalkar. The two got married with the blessings of Ganesha at the Ganesh Temple located in the old city of Jhansi.

During her childhood, she was called by the name Manikarnika but her parents fondly called her as Manu. After getting married the Iron lady was known as Laxmi Bai. In the year 1851, the couple got blessed with a baby boy. But Unfortunately, their son did not survive more than four months. After this shocking accident, the couple decided to adopt a child and they adopted the boy named Damodar Rao as their Son and she got this adoption witnessed by the local British representatives. When she was just recovering from her son’s death another shocking news happened her husband’s death. This was something terrible happened to her that no one ever suffered in their young age.
Though she lost her son and spouse when she was just 18 years old but she did not lose her hopes and courage and she took up her responsibility and she took over a control of Jhansi. At the age of 18, She became queen of Jhansi.

Soon after British started taking advantage of her lack of experience and snatched Jhansi from her. They asked her to leave the fort and offered 60,000 per annum pension to her. But Laxmibai was very determined and courageous to defend Jhansi and she denied them. Not only from Britishers but also from nearer states she fought with them and defended Jhansi. The furious Jhansi told British “Meri Jhansi Nahi Doongi”. But British were very hungry to rule the Jhansi and again for the second time that is in the year march 1958, they tried to enter Jhansi. They looted common people and killed many people. At that moment Laxmi Bai decided to fought with them along with her army and her father she also asked for a help to Peshwa and Peshwa decided to help her by sending his army. She tied her adopted son on her back and started fighting like a warrior with British army by holding swords in both the hands. And finally, she accomplished her goal by sending back the British army.

June 18, This day was maybe a black day for her at this day Britishers captured Gwalior from all four sides but instead of surrendering herself to British she decided to fight against enemies. Whenever she go for a war she used to dress like a man so at this day also she wore a dress like a man. But during the fight, she suddenly fell down from her horse and started bleeding as we all know that not all days has happy endings likewise 18th June been an unfortunate day for her. As she was dressed like a men nobody were able to recognize her and left her there in bleeding condition when she was taking her last breath. After some time some trustful servants took her to the nearby Gangadas Mutt and gave her Gangajal. When taking last breath she expressed her last wish as her body should not be touched by any of the British. The queen breathed her last at the age of 23.

We bow such brave warrior, the queen of Jhansi Laxmibai. She preferred to sacrifice her life for a country at the age of 23 years. This is something that many of us can’t even think about it but this young girl had that guts and bravery to fight for a country.


“Scared is what you are feeling, brave is what you are doing”

This phrase is true in the case of Rani Laxmi Bai. She was a true warrior not only on the ground of a war but also in the battle of life. In our country, many men think women can’t do anything without men. But this iron lady proved everyone wrong and like many great male personalities who sacrifice their life for a country, she marked her name in the history of the interdependence of India.

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