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Rain Essentials for Indian Teen Guys

I don’t know about others but I love monsoon. You may ask why? Monsoon is THE romantic season plus how you can forget the smell of soil after first drizzle (provided you don’t live in a complete concrete jungle). Now you can switch off that AC and enjoy natural pleasant environment from your bedroom window. I can write a complete article about my romance with monsoon but let’s be practical. Monsoon does bring a lot of problems. But, what I think rather than cribbing about it let’s find some solutions.

Stylish Umbrella

Don’t ever use that black umbrella again, it sucks. Gone those days when boys or men supposed to use black boring umbrella and ladies will use floral, colorful ones. Break those unwritten rules and check out these in-trend cool umbrellas. Don’t let rain compromise you on style. You can have a theme based, social media influenced or art based designer umbrellas online. Check some of our picks.

Music Theme

Vacation Theme

Hash Tag Theme

Backpack Covers

For college goers or ever for school going children, this is a big problem. In high pour time you may take shelter under your umbrella but what about school bag or backpack. It will be completely drenched. What if I will tell you there is a simple solution. You can cover your backpack with a waterproof cover. Isn’t it obvious? Check out these cool backpack covers.



Navy Blue

Rain Jacket / Coat

Tough Umbrella can save you from the rain in ideal rain situations, but it is not safe to use it while riding a bike. In a couple of days, You will see those uncles with an umbrella on the bike. To save your daily college commute on the bike you should use a proper raincoat or jacket.

Rain Shoes

Now you saved your clothes and backpack. Have you thought about your shoes? No doubt there is a complete no-no for leather shoes. Then someone will suggest you to use rubber flip flops, but they are weird and not so stylish. Check out these super stylish rain shoes. Now you don’t need to compromise on style while draining that rain water from shoes.


Gobalite Rain Shoes


Water Proof Accessories

Now let’s go into details. In monsoon, you should protect your costly belonging from rain. You can use a waterproof watch instead of regular one and they come with super stylish designs too. Same is the rule for your mobile phone and wallet. Check following waterproof accessories.

Water & Shock Proof

Mobile Pouch

Hey guys, what are the other things you do to save your day from rain?. Let us know in comments.

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