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Qualities of Good Student Essay Speech Paragraph Article

In educational life, everyone wants to be the best. Today’s students will be youth tomorrow. The youth of our country should be best as they are going to represent the nation. For being good in life one should possess all the qualities from beginning. There are some qualities of a good student which are given in this article. This article will help you in writing an essay or a speech in competitions held in your schools or colleges.

Beginning of Speech

Hello everyone, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors and dear friends, nobody in this world is perfect. One has to improve self for being better and best. I am here to deliver the speech on qualities of the good student. Allow me to start my speech.


Nowadays the concept of the student is that one who attends school or college. Previously the meaning of student was the one who is learning. In today’s era, there is tremendous competition in every field. Everybody wants to be at first position. In school and colleges, every student feels to be good and topper in their class or university. There are many of students in a class but only one is going to be at first position. Why don’t you try to be that one in the first position?

Every student possesses some qualities. Nobody is good, bad, smart or dumb; it is just the interest of every student varies. Some like book learning, some like sports, singing, dancing, acting etc. Everyone is excellent at their level but at the same time, there are some rules and regulations in school or colleges. Every institute has different criteria and expectations from students. It is supposed that the students who fulfill these criteria and expectations are the best.

In the means for being best in school, there are some qualities that a student should possess. The student should be first of all obedient. He/she should listen to all his/her teachers. Teachers tell us things which help us in our life at the same time or later. At every phase of life parents, siblings and friends teach us many things. But teachers are the best tutors in our lives. They teach us how to behave, how to speak in public, how to be confident and etc.

Every student in his/her life should be obedient to his/her teachers. The student should have the ability and desire to learn new things and new subjects in the education curriculum. The student should be courageous enough to write about a topic or speak about a topic in public. He/she should be confident and bold. The student should be disciplined enough for the academic and personal life too. The student should have the desire to learn new things and think creative. There should be creative ideas amongst the students. The student should manage their time for playing, studying, and for personal interests.

A student should read books apart from their academics. Books are the best teachers in life. A student should have the ability to obey their parents, teachers and to fulfill their expectations. Students should be joyful and energetic to be active at times. The student should be enthusiastic about learning new things. He/she should understand things than memorizing them. Memorizing may help to score good grades but it will never help in learning. Understanding the concepts will teach about it for the lifetime. Once the student leaves that classroom then the concepts will be forgotten if they are memorized.

In life, everybody is student till the person dies as our life teaches many things to us. It does not mean that if you are attending the school or college then only you are a student. But every person is a student for a lifetime. Life teaches us many things, we need to understand and learn them. There are some qualities for being a good student as follows;

  • The student should be disciplined.
  • He/she should be having the desire to learn new things.
  • A student should have wills and confident to achieve them.
  • There should be some target or goal for every student in life.
  • A student should obey their teachers.
  • He/she should be enthusiastic, joyful and active.

Above all are some key points for achieving the tag of the best student in life. a person should follow them for being at best level.


The student should not be only book worm but there should be many qualities in a person for being best. These qualities are going to help you not only in your academics but throughout your life. Completing tasks within deadlines, being punctuate, enthusiastic, and the desire for learning is going to help- you all over your life.

Ending of speech

Above given are some qualities that will help you but you should possess them in yourself or try to improve yourself in that way for achieving the tag of best student. A person should never stop learning as life never stops us teaching. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you.

Tips for Speech on Qualities of good student

  1. Speeches are the thoughts which come from your heart so don’t mug up it.
  2. Speak what comes to your mind after reading about the topic.
  3. Try to speak the speech in front of your family, friends or in front of a mirror to increase your confidence.
  4. Be interactive while delivering the speech, remember you are not at recitation competition.

Tips for Essay on Qualities of good student

  1. You can write an essay in the format of biography.
  2. Read a lot of things about your topic and try explaining them in your words in your essay instead of remembering all the points word to word.
  3. Write your essay in a format which includes an introduction, more information and conclusion for easy understanding of the reader.

Tips for Paragraph on Qualities of good Student

  1. Paragraphs are same as essays but the length limitations vary so try being to the point while writing a paragraph.
  2. Give a brief idea about some points which you cannot write in detail.

This is our honest attempt to spread information. If you find it helpful and like it then please let us know in the comments below. We love to receive your response. 🙂

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