Qualities of A Good Leader Short Essay,Speech and Paragraph

qualities of good leader speech ,essay

Jawaharlal Nehru,  Lokmanya Tilak and of course Narendra Modi and many more are India’s greatest leader. But do you ever think why they got a tag of LEADER? What qualities they had, that make them a leader? You are at the right place. We are providing you some good leadership qualities that will help you to be not only a leader but also a better person in real life. This article will also help you to write an essay and give a speech in your school and college competition.

”Leadership is an action, not a position” truly said. Leadership is an ability to motivate, to guide and to inspire them to follow your vision or thoughts.Whether it is a leader from politics, business, sport, school etc leader must have strength to lead his team and also the team members. One can be called as a good leader if He/She knows the way, goes the way and shows the way to others.

There is a difference between manager and leader. Many of us get confused with this two word. A Manager is just a position that is the ability to do the things. But the leader is the one who does the things right and they have “I ” factor within themselves that are an impact, influence, and inspire. An impact involves good and valuable output from others. Influence is nothing but the spreading of passion, ideas, and thoughts for your work so that people get influenced by it and start following it. Inspire your team members or customers.

Three main and important aspects of being a good leader are dependency, integrity, and perseverance.


Dependability is one of the important quality of a good leader. With good leader comes big responsibility. When you are leading the team your team members are wholly dependent on you. The way to success you show them they will follow the same way. If people are dependent on you to get them out of any hard times then yes, you are on right track to becoming a leader.


Integrity is the most important aspect of a good leader. Integrity contains three main things that are honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. In order to achieve any goal, you must be honest with yourself first, because you are the reflection of your mates. So if you lie to yourself, be ready to accept the same output from your mates. Loyalty is a key to be successful. Be loyal to your team members. When you gain the trust of your friends you will able to climb the another step towards your goal. You should listen to your member’s views. Don’t just put your opinion but also listen to others opinions too. Be trustworthy so that people can have trust on you. While achieving the success gain the trust and you will touch the peak of success. Though these words are small but they can either lead you to be successful or will stop you from being successful. Communication between you and your mates is important in order to gain all these things so keep communicating with your members.


Last but not the least is perseverance. Being a leader you should be firm in your decisions. You must have the ability to show the right direction by knowing the consequences of your decision. You should be more focused toward your purpose then only you will able to convey your mates and make them understand your purpose.

Being a leader you have a responsibility to protect your team members whenever there is a situation when your mates lose all the hopes. You are the one who needs to motivate and guide them to stand again. Be that leader who can come to the ground to help their mates climbing the steps of success and let them be a shining star.


If your actions inspire others to learn more, dream more, to do more and become more then you are a leader. It’s not that just about becoming a leader, you should have all these qualities but also to become a better person in your day to day life these qualities will help you. The tag of a leader is not important but having these qualities within yourself is important.

Tips for the Essay:

  1. Firstly, think before you write. Think about the things you are going to write and accordingly divide your content logically.
  2. Use some quotes at beginning of the essay to make a good impression on the reader.
  3. you can take help of other sources to get more information but don’t just write as it is, add your points, your opinion and describe it.
  4. It’s not necessary to write your essay in huge words but at least it should be informative.
  5. keep your essay neat and clean.

Tips for speech:

  1. Speech is the medium through which you can convey your message, emotions behind it so don’t mug.understand yourself and then make it understandable to the audience.
  2. Be interactive with the audience to make your speech more interesting.
  3. Your hand movements and gestures can convey your message more quickly than just by speaking.
  4. Avoid mumbling and make less use of fillers.
  5. maintain eye contact with the audience.
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