Problems Every Indian Teenager Girl Faces

Problems Every Indian Teenager Girl Faces

Teenage years are the best days of anybody’s life. Teenagers are filled up with energy, ready to explore the world, have tons of dreams, desires, and aspirations. Everybody struggles to achieve their goal and that is how life is. But girls struggle more in our society. It’s not that we are being sexist and saying boys don’t struggle. But here we are talking about females especially teenager girl’s problem.  This is a very serious topic and needs to be debated more but here is our light take on it.

Physical Appearance

Like any other teenage girl in the world, most of the Indian teenager girls are concerned about their body image. Things which often goes into mind are like Do I look beautiful? Does he like me? Am I fat?  Am I too skinny?

This way of thinking is natural for almost all teenage girls. Comparing themselves with their peers/friends and having the inferiority complex may make them lose their confidence.

Girl, you are awesome the way you are.

One should not judge herself by comparing with others. Respect your body but that doesn’t mean one should not try to be fit and healthy.

Family and Society Pressure (“Log Kya Kahenge?”)

Sad but quite true, Indian society thinks of girls as a liability. They are pressurized (direct or indirect ways) for being responsible & well behaved. They are always held responsible for maintaining the reputation of the family. Hence they are forced to behave according to their parent’s expectations. They are forced to dress accordingly. They have to put their parents’ expectations before their own.

Unwanted Attention & Sexual Advances

A lot of Indian teenager girls face physical harassment in public transport. Indian public transport is crowded like hell and hence this is the place where most of the male gender finds the chance to do the ‘heroic deeds’, and this problem is faced by a maximum number of the girls who commute in public transport. And sometimes these filthy people happened to be the elderly people from her family, taking disadvantage of her adolescent age.

Also on social media, they are bullied by some people with vulgar comments, unwanted filthy, sexual messages.

Fear of Missing Out

Not all but most of the girls are “envious” of their other female friends. They feel missing out when they see pictures of their friends traveling to exotic places or buying expensive things. This is called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). They feel like they are missing something in their lives as they aren’t doing the same.

Educational Pressure

Indian girls are expected to have exceptional success in the academics as well as they are always expected to behave traditionally like, she should be able to do all the daily chores, she should be an expert cook (“Yeh Roti Gol Kyu Nahi Hai?”) and similar things. Nowadays the situation is little better in urban areas but overall home science takes over teenager girls education aspirations.

The pressure from family to score well exams indirectly harms her focus on the studies. She kept worrying about the results. This is the same for teenage boys too.

“What if I get failed?” , “Papa will scold me if I don’t score 90%.”

And unfortunately, in some cases, this extra pressure results in unfortunate suicide.

Dating & Relationships Problems

Nowadays 12-year boy or 13-year girl also go through heartbreaks. Every relationship has its own ups and downs. Teenagers are still developing their emotional and psychological skills, in midst of all, they try to be in a relationship. Even the smallest silly thing causes breakups and all the chaos in the relationships and sometimes it results in horrible things like suicides or self-harm.

Girls….. enjoy the life in general. Love and romance need a bit of maturity from both sides. Eventually, as you grow things will happen. Do not fast forward the things.

Friendship Issues

The negativity like jealousy, revenge, hatred cause problems among the friends and losing a friend leaves a great impact on their mind because friends are the only people with whom they can share their feelings, weaknesses, and secrets. Bhaizoned, friendzoned, one sided lovers may create problems for them later.


Sadly, still, Indian girls don’t get equal opportunities like their brothers. Things are improving in urban areas and hope that goes till grassroots. This invalid comparison snatches away a lot of opportunities from girls.


Girls in teenage are very fond of fashion, they like to try new trendy apparels and accessories. But still, we don’t have that much freedom in India except urban centres. In India, the outfit of a lady decides her character.

It’s quite difficult to be an Indian teenager girl. One need to be in their shoes to understand these problems. These are the common problems every Indian teenage girl face. What’s your opinion on this?

Core Article Submitted by – Deepa M.

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