8 Problems Faced by Indian Teenager Boys


Teenage years can be the best or worst of one’s life. Everything either feels new and exciting or not interesting at all. As teens are going through a lot of physical, psychological, emotional changes they feel happy at one moment and nasty at other. In India, our society and even our parent don’t understand this, either they call them names or mock them. But at TeenAtHeart, we are on their side, we understand what they feel. Their problems are different than kids and adults. As we always say, “You are neither a Kid nor an Adult, you are a Teenager“.

Most of the problems teens face are similar for both boys and girls, but being an Indian teenager is a whole different story. Indian parent misses the regular communication with their teenage children, they only step in when things go sore. Parents should be part of their journey, they should be there when their children feel happy, nasty, or confused. Teenager’s brain is not yet fully developed to take mature decisions, that is the reality and it’s Ok. Parents should understand this and act accordingly rather than forcing decision onto them.

In my previous article, I wrote about the problems faced by every Indian teenage girl. So, here I am writing about the problems faced by every Indian teenage boy in his daily life.

Self Esteem / Physical Appearance

Teenagers boys tend to compare themselves with their friends and peers. Am I too skinny? Am I too fat? Why my hair is so curly? Will girls like me? Why can’t I grow a beard? these kinds of thoughts consume their mind and this comparison may result in low self-esteem. They may lose confidence and fall prey to the inferiority complex.


Boys try to impress their female counterparts by showcasing their best features. It’s natural and happens both ways. Some have a muscular physique and some have intelligence and they try to impress others with that. This creates an invisible competition amongst them. When they fail to achieve it they fall prey to myth floating around society. Boys make up their mind thinking “Girls always run behind guys with money“, “girls always prefer good looks in boys” which is not true.

Buddy, you should first love and respect yourself then only other will reciprocate.

Curiosity About Sex & Porn

Being in teenage years, they always have the curiosity to get to know things. And sex is one that tops the chart. Hormonal changes in their brain compel them to seek information about sex. It’s natural in this age. Their body goes through a huge change physically as well as psychologically, so being curious about sex is natural.

Problem is that sources they have to satisfy their sex-related curiosity. In India, we don’t have proper sex education. It’s like taboo to talk about it in open and even parent don’t feel comfortable to answer those curiosities. Then they left with the only one option, and that is porn. They fail to understand that porn is for entertainment not for education. Should we blame teenagers for that or our society and education system? Think…

Family Expectations

Well, it’s cliche but very much the reality. Parent expect boys to succeed in life, have a good career, earn money and take care of the family in the future. These expectations may hinder their aspirations. Same is the case for girls.

Fear of False Accusations

The number incidents of sexual assaults, eve teasing, and harassment are rising in India which has become a major headache for Indian girls and women. But unfortunately, nowadays the laws which were formed to protect the dignity of women are misused too. Indian boys are always looked at as sex offenders and perverts. They are now afraid to offer a seat to the woman because offering a seat to a lady might be taken as a wrong intention. And I feel sad to say that even the false rape accusations are made on them.

Indian society always blames boys by default in such cases. They are mercilessly beaten up by the public, even the police and society judge them without even listening to their side.

We strongly support the strict laws for women security & safety. And these laws should get implemented too. What we are trying to say is Not All Boys Are Rapist. Please note that we are not being sexist here.


In western countries, teenagers in depression are called “Time Bombs“, the whole depression thing explodes when they cannot tolerate it anymore and do something outrageous as killing people or even their own families or they harm themselves. Yes, these are real stories. At one point teenagers cannot handle the depression and Indian teenage boys are not an exception to that. Their parents never ask them about their problems, parents don’t try to understand them, they fail to console them on time hence they may end up in depression. And this depression, unfortunately sometimes results in self-harm or suicides.

Cyber Addiction/ FOMO

Social media has become a crucial part of teenage life. They always feel necessary to post new updates/pictures and check the status updates of their friends. They feel left out when they see their “Facebook Friends” posting pictures of their exotic vacation or expensive ride. They sometimes fake things, lies just to keep up with friends circle. We have written a separate article on social anxiety and FOMO, you can read that for more information.

Drugs and Alcohol

Now, this is a big problem. Not all but, a lot of teenagers are doing drugs for sake boasting in friend circle. They simply don’t know how it’s going to affect them in the future. Smoking and alcohol are widely consumed by teenagers.

These are few of the problems a teenager guy faces, surely there are more and we will be discussing them too. If you like to discuss more then you can comment on the post. What I feel is rather than mocking teenagers we should try to understand them, be their friend so that we can help them.

Plus, we are not trying to blame parents for all the problem. surely teenagers or everyone for that matter should follow their social and family responsibilities. But they are not yet ready for all this, parents are matured ones they should take the first step.

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