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How to Prepare for Life After College, 9 Things No One Told You Yet

How to Prepare for Life After College

Well, in our last article we saw how one can enjoy college life to the fullest, but can we prepare ourselves for life after college while enjoying the college life? I will say, Yes. If you plan things in little advance, then you can achieve both. Life after college can be daunting, as you will face new realities of life and rat race in career. So, here are some tips from us with which you can prepare yourself for after college life while enjoying the college.

1. College Projects, Seminars, Paper Presentations

These used to have greater importance in preparation for the after college life, interviewer used to ask about your college projects and participation in paper presentation and all. But nowadays these things don’t matter too much later in life. As part of college curriculum, you still need to do it but there is no such great use of it in later life. Instead of those, things like internships, volunteering, online work experience gets more attention from the interviewer.

2. Internships

The internship is a great way to get a glimpse of real job life. Do not do internships for money, you are not going to get more than few thousand bucks, the experience is more important. I will suggest you to take an internship in the areas of your interests. Say, you are interested in content writing or journalism then try to get an internship from famous names in that industry. But to do that, you first need to know what careers options you are interested in, how to explore those options and how to choose one of them. Our following points are focusing on this only.

3. Have a Choice

This is very important for you career growth. Generally, what happens if you get a job in an on-campus interview then most of the time you really don’t have freedom to choose an area of your interest. The company will appoint you in technology, the department they have vacancies in. This can be good for short term but it’s not a good long-term strategy. Let me explain it with an example.

In Information Technology field there are these two job profiles which are kinda opposite to each other. “Software Testing” and “Programmer / Coder“, you need to find out errors in code when you work as a software tester, if you are an optimistic person then it is little difficult for you as your job is to find errors in the code. Same ways coders need to be positive minded and should have some imagination skills, you will not enjoy coder job for a lifetime if you don’t have imagination and creativity skills with you. You may do good in both career options but you might not enjoy it for a lifetime. So you must have a choice when you choose your career path.

4. Explore Roads Less Travelled

We said one should have a choice but to have a choice you first need to have a couple of options to make an educated choice. We generally choose very well-known career options, as we don’t know others. There is simple logic, more are the people doing the same thing less is the chance to grow faster. That is why one should explore the roads less travelled. Look for jobs or careers which are very new or not in limelight. You will see less competition in it, and that can bring better options to grow faster. Things are changed now, jobs which are in trends now were not there when you were admitted to college. Just go to Google and search crazy career options, you will get some idea. In future there more jobs in Robotics, AI, Data Science, Big Data and Defence Tech. Try to read about latest innovations happening across the world.

If that crazy idea hits your heart and brain simultaneously then that’s the one.

5. Don’t have money for High Paying Courses

Stop, giving excuses!! There is almost nothing that you cannot learn over the internet. Well, this is not a good example but still let me tell you that. The terrorists who are almost illiterate learns to assemble bomb over the internet. Nothing more I will say on this.

6. Taste of Entrepreneurship

I wrote about in my another article “how to enjoy college life” you can read it there. Let me give you a brief idea about it. When you do the job most of the time all your success, progress is your manager’s or company’s hand. I am not saying one cannot succeed in the job but still decision power is not in your hand. You got to do things told to you.

Before, going to that life one must try entrepreneurship. And start-ups are in the trend too. Forget about trends and million-dollar investment at this stage. You should do it to know how it feels to be own boss, how to work with minimal money. Let me tell you that even entrepreneurship is not piece of cake but one must taste it at least once.

7. Learn to Make Mistakes

Do you know who becomes an expert? The one who makes all possible mistakes and rectify them. So don’t afraid to make mistakes, you will always learn something from it. But remember one thing your mistakes should not harm others.

8. Read, Read & Read

Well, I know not all people like reading. But let me tell you, refer any great person on this earth one thing in common they have is they are ardent readers. Books are the best source to get knowledge. In today’s time not only books but information available in various formats like video documentaries, podcasts and all. I will personally suggest YouTube, I have seen hundreds of documentaries, current affairs, history, technology, innovation, good and bad stuff over the internet.

Knowledge is vast than hundred oceans, you just need to take dive.

9. Learn to Code

Future is about technology and automation and one thing that is common here is Coding. I suggest all to learn to code as side-skill, in future, almost all industries need coders or people who understand it.

I will be writing about all these topics in details later, subscribe to Dejavuh’s weekly newsletter to stay tuned.

These are things you can do prepare yourself for a better life after college. Let us know what you feel about it and if this helps you in any small way possible then we will be more than happy to know it.

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