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Pink Whale Challenge – How to Search, Download, Install and Play

Pink Whale Challenge Game How to Play Download

Pink Whale Challenge a Brazilian online game is gaining tremendous popularity in India and all over the world. We have heard enough about Blue Whale Game and how it compels teenagers to do self-harm and commit suicide.

In this article we assume that you already know the difference between these games. if not we have written in detail about both Pink and Blue Whale game in another article, check the link to know more.

How to Search Pink Whale Game on PlayStore

how to search pink whale game

Earlier this games was also not available on iTunes and PlayStore. But now it is available on both platform, and these are in English. When you try to find the game with “Pink Whale” or “Pink Whale Challenge” keyword you will not able to find it. Because the developer has given a name in Portuguese, it is called as “Espalhe o Bem” which means “Spread the Good”. Developer name is “BananaDev”. Please be sure that it is from the same developer because there are other copy games too.

pink whale apk file playstore

If you are still not able to find the app then try these links

How to download and Install the Game
Click on “Install” button, APK file will get automatically downloaded on your phone and it gets installed. It will create an app shortcut on your phone.

pink icon on home screen

How to Use/Play pink while challenge
Click on the pink icon which says “Espalhe o Bem”, you will directly go into the game where you will see the first challenge i.e. “With Marker, Write On Someone’s Skin How Much You Love Them”. Now to complete the task perform given challenge and to upload the photo of it click on “Camera” icon. But to proceed further you need to “Create Account” first, or if you have created an account, you need to log in.

how to play pink whale challenge

Once you complete the first task, you will get the second task on next day. Repeat the same procedure. If the task of the day does not complete within time, its shows “pending” status in challenge list.

Rules for Pink Whale Challenge Game
There are no such complicated rules for the game. It is not even mandatory to complete the task, it is up to you and that’s the beauty of it, no one is forcing you to play it. There are some simple suggestions like using hashtags or linking game with your social media account etc.

Complete List of 50 Pink Whale Challenges
It is a 50-day challenge game where you suppose to complete each task in a day. Some of these tasks are very simple like painting a pink whale or posting “I am Beautiful” on the social media timeline. These are interesting and inspiring challenges. We have created a separate article on the complete list of 50 pink whale challenges, check it out.

Alternative to Pink Whale Challenge Game
There are few other online offline games with the same concept, some are getting popularity and some not. Here are some such other games, Pink Dolphin, Green / Red Whale etc.

पिंक व्हेल – ब्लू व्हेल चैलेंज गेम का सकारात्मक पर्याय

Let us know if you have any question about Pink Whale Challenge, we will try to answer here….

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