Essay on Personal Safety on Road – 600 Words

Essay on Personal Safety on Road - 600 Words

When you are traveling alone or driving own car it is always advisable not to be ignorant to the personal safety on road. Especially in India, our roads are bumpy, not well lit in that case it is always better to take precautions.

Your personal safety is your own responsibility, do not push it or blame it on others. You should be vigilant, confident and careful when on the road.

Here are the little things which will ensure your personal safety on the road.

Plan your journey, research a bit about a new place or unknown route. Try well-known roads, avoid shortcuts from the internal roads, prefer highways. Do not choose the wrong option to save a couple of minutes or hours.

Let somebody know where you are traveling, where you will be staying. If there is a change in plan let them know. Inform what is your expected time and when you will leave the place and continue the journey. Give them your alternate mobile numbers and vehicle plate number.

Keep your mobile charged before boarding the journey. it sounds very simple tips but the phone will be very helpful when you are in problem. Check which mobile network is working in the area you are going. If you are traveling to the rural area then chances are that you might not get the cellular network.

If you are at a new place and if somebody hit your car or says something it is better to calm the situation and seek for police help. Sometimes getting involves in brawls over small things are not worth. That doesn’t mean you should not speak up against wrongdoing or if someone breaks the law. Point is that first make sure that police officer or some authoritative person is present to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

Keep your first aid kit and car tool kit handy. If you are riding alone make sure you know basic vehicle troubleshooting. If you are a new rider, it is always better to have an experienced partner.

Sometimes you might get into accident or problem because of others. Bikers coming from wring side, rash driving truck drivers, racing SUV can put you in the corner. Be vigilant for such scenarios.

Check car breaks, oil, petrol/diesel, tire pressure before starting the journey. Refill fuel in advance, do not leave it to the last hour. Keep your vehicle maintained to avoid unnecessary problems.

While driving in traffic, keep windows and doors locked. There are incidents that thieves steal your belongings through the car window. If you are parking vehicle then do not keep your precious personal belonging in the car. If you cannot carry all of it then keep it below car seat. Thieve breaks the windows to get to your belongings. Double check that car is locked or not. Do not park in No-Parking Zones.

It is good to help others, but it not good to ignore personal safety on road. Do not give the lift to unknown hitchhikers. Not all such people will make you harm but it is always better to stay cautious if you are alone.

If you end up in road rage or brawl, lock the doors and windows. Do not get out the car until police are there.

Keep your driving license, vehicle documents, PUC and other important documents handy. Have a duplicate copy and store to a different place. Try to scan and save document over cloud and phone too.

Do not make or receive calls while driving. Do not text or take selfies while driving.

If you are tired by journey it is better to take rest. If you are not fully attentive do not drive. Do not put your and others lives in danger for few hours.

Keep a charged torch in the car, in case your vehicle has lights problem in the night, it will help.

Note down police, highway assistance, ambulance and emergency response team numbers. Keep note of your address, emergency contact number and blood group in wallet or purse.

If you traveling with toddlers, make sure that you have baby seat and their belts are fastened.

Thre are a lot such tips can be given under personal safety on road topic. If you like to know more on the topic, comment below in the comment box. I will try to add few more if needed.

I think for school level essay this much of essay is enough. I have just added personal safety on road points, you can write an essay with better words. I wrote these sample tips so that you guys can get an overall idea. You can use this information to write your own speech, short article, paragraph, composition etc.

This essay is about 600words, I think you guys are looking for a 250words essay. You can take reference from here and write your own essay.

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