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How to Fight the Fear of Exams? 📖 😰

How to Fight the Fear of Exams 📖 😰

As kids, we fear the monsters under our beds. We grow up and realize that the only monster under the bed is the dog munching on his midnight snack or the cat staring at you with its green beady eyes. There is one monster however who visits us a few times a year till we live our student life and sends a shiver down the spine of most students: The exam monster.

To make things clear, the exam fever or the exam monster seems menacing only because of the hype everyone has created around it. There is an animated Hollywood flick called Monster Inc. which brings out this fact in an endearing way; the monsters in our life are the ones we create. So, just a little tweak to your lifestyle and studying practices and the exam monster might just turn into the tooth fairy, bearing gifts like good marks.

How to Fight the Fear of Exams?  📖 😰

It’s not the end of the world 🌏

Give it your best and study well, for there is no shortcut in life for it. If for some reason, your efforts do not match with your rewards, do understand that it does not in any way bear testimony to your intelligence levels. More than securing good marks in exams, what is important is your understanding of the subject and the course matter. If you have already mastered that, analyze the reasons for your not doing well and then work on them.

Prepare well in advance 😌

You have heard of the age-old story of the hare and the tortoise. As clichéd as it may sound but it actually gives you the mantra of how you can fight the fear of exams. If you have prepared well in advance, the oncoming exams are not going to make you cower down in fear. You are most likely to be in ‘Bring it on baby’ mode.

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Keep your notes handy and complete 🗒️

You may have missed out on a few lectures and classes and that is understandable. But what you must do after is catch hold of your diligent friends and get their notes copied rather than rushing around like a headless chicken one day before the exam. Once you have your notes in hand, make sure you file them away in the proper place.

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Understand the difference between anxiety and fear 😰

Anxiety is a feeling which generally starts to take hold of humans right before they are about to do something important in their life and that includes taking the exams. There are some brave hearts who however stay untouched by this feeling, but for some of us, the feeling is sometimes so intense that it feels like our insides are being turned out. If this is how you are feeling right now, rest assured you are completely normal and justified in feeling so.

When you are nervous you feel jittery but you still wish to go ahead with your job which in this case is the exam. But if it is fear that you are experiencing and you do not wish to take the exams at all for the fear of failing, you need to analyze the root cause of the fear and eliminate that cause from your life.

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Talk to someone 🗣️

Look around and find that someone, your person, who you can confide in and share your anxieties and fear with. If you are uncomfortable doing it with someone in your family or friend circle there are several other options as well. Student helplines, student chat platforms like Teen Pep Talk where you can not only connect with people who can soothe your fears but also with students like you.

Eat well and take a break 🍲 😴

Eating well before as well as during the exams is very important to keep those low feelings at bay. If you stay hungry for longer intervals or survive only on junk or fried food, chances are that you might either get a sinking feeling or feel bloated, both of which are not pleasant ones at all.

You need to eat every two hours and have a mid-morning, mid-evening and a midnight snack to keep your body hydrated and well nourished. Smoothies, dry fruits, multigrain sandwiches, and peanuts are just some of the options you can keep handy. Make sure that you eat these snacks in moderate amounts only, enough to keep your senses sharp and not so much as to dull them, making you doze off while studying.

So, that was it guys. I hope these tips help you to reduce and overcome your fear, anxiety of exams. If you liked this post then please share it with your friends and rate the article with good ratings. 🙂 All the best for exams. 👍

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