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Origin and History of Tassels- Everything You Need to Know

Tassels accesories origins history meaning teentrum fashions india

“Life is too short to wear boring Jewellery”- Mr.Kate

Dazzling Tassels has been around us for a long time but never caught the fashion spotlight until now.

Yes, they are back in fashion and tassels are trending in India and all over the world. Funny thing about gold is that it’s taking a hit after Tassel jewelry took most of the attention and the best thing about Tassels is, it can be made with various things at home.

Tassel variation is what makes it special, it can be made with the combinations of gold, feathers, beads, gems, stones, pearls and much more. The diverse range of colours is what makes it stylish. And guess what this amazing jewellery can be easily made at home. Unlike gold and silver that doesn’t blend in with every outfit, you wear but tassel makes sure that you look great. Gold or silver jewels are for occasions you can’t flaunt those at places office, travel or outdoor parties you go but tassels can freely emerge with any surrounding you prefer.

So What is Tassel?

“A group of short threads or ropes held together at one end, used as a hanging decoration on hats, curtains, furniture, etc.” But that’s just a standard definition.

Tassel is a jewellery made of fabric and clothing threads, it comes in vibrant colours and exotic designs that brings shine not only to outfit but also brings glow to various things such as bag, loafers, dress, dupatta, sandals, footwear, blouse, Kurtis, hat, heels, jacket, Jhumka, keychain, lace, leather shoes, one-piece swimsuit, pants, pillow, rope belt,anklets, scarf, shoes, shrug, skirt, umbrella, waistcoat, wallet, wedges, clutch also fashion accessories like anklets, pendant necklaces, bracelets, tassel earrings etc. Thus it’s known as Universal Ornament.

Tassels accesories origins history meaning teentrum fashions india 2

So from Where and How the Tassels Came into Existence?: Origin of Tassels

Let’s take a peek at History.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the Lord spoke to Moses to tell people of Israels to make tassels on the corner of their garments as a sign of holiness and as an act of worship. Soon this Religious tassel art of decoration began to spread across Europe like wildfire. China became the most popular mass production house with tassels across the globe.

Different Countries wore Tassels differently.

In America, Silver and Gold tassel necklace was prestigiously worn by women during the Empire period. American artists and designers were considered as the best tassel necklace and earrings makers in that era. In the Middle East, it is believed that wearing talismans engraved with Lord’s name and colorful gems to bring luck. In Egypt, small children use to wear tassels hat in a spiritual way to protect them from demons and cast away evil spirits. After a few decades tassels started flourishing on graduation hats and now it has become a culture.

Tassels keep evolving It’s like the Midas touch when Tassel touches anything whether like a hat or dress or earrings tassel can turn it into beauty. Gaining so much popularity over the years from different countries to different designs with different purposes, mounting on bags to shoes from dress to hats it has become a phenomenal trend.

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