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In this article, we are discussing one of the frequently asked essays, speech topic in the school. Here we will discuss Old is Gold topic. You can even get this topic in school, college exams or for paragraph writing too. So, let’s get started.

In this age of technology, we see new things each day. New apps, filters, hacks, season collections and what not. We are bombarded with new products day in day out. There are thousands of businesses out there who want you to be their customer. Every now on then, you will be showered with shopping festivals, sale, deep discounts, clearance sale and last time even GST clearance sale was there. We end up buying new things and in this process, we slowly forget the old things. Your first bicycle, first contest prize, cricket bat, a stolen pen, a dried rose in the English book all such old things will be sitting in some box above the cupboard. We the new generation don’t appreciate the old things.

Old Is Gold – Why It’s Been Said?

There is a logic behind why the Old is compared with Gold. As we know Gold is one of the rare metal on the earth and that makes it precious and expensive too. Gold is always associated with some big event in life like wedding, birthdays, anniversaries. Gold doesn’t lose its value over the time, it never gets old. On contrary, it’s value get appreciated. These are the reasons why Old is compared with Gold. Old things, memories, experiences are like gold; they carry sweet memories with them. Old things might loose their materialistic value but their real worth gets appreciated with time. Like gold, old things are attached to some of the best memories. When one sees those old things, memories associated with flash through the mind. Like gold one should preserve old things.

Old things don’t just have a place in personal life but various fields, industries do believe in Old Is Gold strategy. For example; in today’s technology-driven world modern warfare is highly depends on the latest technology, more the advanced you are more powerful you are. But even army and defense strategist say Old is Gold. Today also they use old warfare strategies like Guerilla Warfare. Vedas, Puranas, Sacred Texts, Yoga, Ayurveda all these things very old, ancient for that matter. But teachings from these texts are still applicable to this day. Though Yoga is thousand-year-old it’s in trend now. People who own a complete Apple family gadgets find the peace of mind through age-old yoga techniques. On contrary, not all old is gold. Human history saw wars, barbarism, mass deaths, famine, and social injustice. We should take the best from the history and leave behind the bad things.

Old and new things should go hand in hand. Adapting to new things in part of evolution, one has to do it but one should appreciate old things too. Old thing possesses excellent knowledge and experience, we the new generation should learn those good things.

Tips for Old is Gold Essay

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  1. We have written this article in such format that you can use the given information for essay, speech and even for paragraph writing.
  2. Essays are generally divided into three main parts, first opening statement/ paragraph or introduction where you introduce the given topic. Most of the time, it will be one paragraph.
  3. Second is the core or middle section, this is where you describe the topic or put forward your views.
  4. Lastly, in conclusion, section, you conclude the topic. Try to do it within one paragraph.

Tips for Old is Gold Speech

  1. If you are giving a speech for the first time, then you better rehearse in front of friends. If no one is there to help, make mirror your friend.
  2. Try to have up and down, high and lows in the speech.
  3. Listen to great orators. Observe their gestures, tonality, posture.
  4. Do the thorough research on the topic, more you read more confident you will be.

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