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Nature provides everything to the man to fulfill his stomach but the man cannot control his appetite. The man used the resources from nature and built huge buildings, built highways, cut down the forests, polluted the rivers and oceans, killed animals. The man ripped the nature for his own benefits. In this article, we have written the essay on noise pollution. This essay will help you in your homework or in the competitions. The information about noise pollution in this essay is also helpful for speech competition and to write a paragraph on noise pollution in your exams. So let’s start.

Essay on Noise Pollution

Music excites us make us move our feet and dance, similarly beautiful sound of chirping of birds soothes the ears but the honking sound of vehicles in the traffic, drilling noise of the construction across the roads becomes a headache because the sound level is unbearably annoying and high-intensity noise levels can damage our hearing permanently. Noise pollution is just as serious as other types of pollution, its effects are comparatively not severe we see people wearing a mask to prevent themselves from inhaling polluted air but no ear muffs in the case of noise pollution, still there are some situations in which noise pollution can be injurious to health.

Noise is an unwanted disturbance in the activities that cause irritation while conversing, eating, sleeping etc. In this scenario, only humans are responsible for noise pollution. Bursting crackers and playing loud music on loudspeakers on festivals are the two major pollutants causing distress in the society. Exposure to noise has resulted in mental and physical health problems, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety disorders, hypertension, hearing loss and other dangerous effects.  We can’t escape noise but there are ways to prevent it.

Anything beyond a certain level is hazardous whether it is water, air or noise. Noise pollution is a menace; the effects are threatening to all the species whether the ones on the ground, in the air or the ones under water. Wildlife is sensitive, their high functioning senses makes them prone to noise pollution, ever witnessed a dog being uncomfortable barking continuously or scared due to the sound of crackers or loudspeakers during festivals, horses going berserk creating chaos and madness it is all because of high decibel noise pollution that makes them uncomfortable as well as restless. Humans can take precautions to avoid getting harmed from noise but animals cannot.

Urbanization has been a boon and bane to this century. It gives us facilities and benefits but at the cost of pollution. Workers in the industries working beside huge machinery are likely to fall prey to hearing impairment noise disease. Quite and serene surrounding to live in is the most dreamy thing in the cities, once people use to travel from rural area to urban cities but today the tables have turned. People travel away from the noise polluted areas to a noise free environment.

Household appliances, congested traffic, loudspeakers, construction activities, transportation, the noise of crackers due to festivals and population are the major indoor and outdoor sources of noise pollution. However numerous problem solution and implementation techniques of how we can reduce the noise pollution are available, some we can prevent by ourselves personally but other factors such as loud music during festivals and honking unnecessarily at traffic signals need to be handled together. To overcome this issue, an NGO named Awaaz Foundation is working to control this menace through educational campaigns awareness programs. Schools and Hospitals are marked as no noise zone by the government. Playing music on loud speakers after 10 pm at night is restricted. In the case of disobeying the law, the citizen responsible can be punished for disturbing the environment.

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