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Fun Anchoring Script for New Year Party, Eve 2021

New Year party 2021 Anchoring Script

The new year 2021 is around the corner. We all are waiting for 31st December, a night of celebration, fun, and masti. But if you are given the responsibility to host the event then you better prepare for it. People will be in a good mood, so don’t spoil there evening with a boring script.  We are here to help. But before jumping to a sample new year party speech script, let us discuss what are some other important things that you should know.

New year parties are loud, people dance and have fun. You should have the personality and confidence to maneuver people. In most of the cases, your audience will be having a good time (you know what I mean), you should have skills to draw their attention to the event when it is necessary. You need to stay energetic and active throughout the event.

For this new year eve anchoring script, I am using a company or office new year party event as an example. You can take reference of this speech script for a privately hosted party too. You can make some changes and use this script as a reference for college party speech too. To download a free speech PDF click here

New Year Party Anchoring Script

Anchor: Ladies and Gentlemen, Oprah Winfrey once said ‘New year is another chance for us to get it right” and we are just a few hours away from that new chance. Things don’t always go the way we want, do not get disheartened; stand up and march ahead. A new year brings new opportunities to start over, ride on it and make a resolution to achieve all those dreams you and your family saw.

On this note, allow me to welcome all you guys for XYZ’s 2021 New Year Party. XYZ has arranged this amazing carnival to welcome this new year and I pray to God that this new year shall bring all the happiness in your life.

So, are you guys excited?

Audience: (Low response)

Anchor: I didn’t hear that. Are you guys excited?

Audience: (Big cheers)

Anchor: That sounds better now.

Let me break this event for you guys. We planned the heck lot of activities like games, fashion shows, music, and dance. ‘Foodie Guys’ are serving the delicious food today ‘Firangi Water’ will be making exotic cocktails for you guys.

At 11:59 we will start the countdown on this big screen and we will welcome the new year. And you know what happens after that. Enjoy the music and dance till you drop. Sound interesting?

Ok, now allow me to welcome Mr. Suresh Khurana M.D XYZ Group on the stage.

<Mr. Khurana Speech>- Follow the given link to find sample new year speech for Office Party. People will be in good mood on new year’s eve, a company can make use of such an opportunity to appreciate, acknowledge and thank their employees, it will make their day. They will leave the event with a big smile on the face. You can also share previous year performance and new year plans for the company and employees. Try not to have negative discussions, there is a whole year to take care of that. Keep it light and fun.

Now we will proceed towards our first activity, and that is a fashion show. Woohhhh. Guys, give it up for the amazing contestants.

<So on and so forth, introduce new acts>

Anchor (at 11:55): Ladies and Gentlemen’s attention please, we are just five minutes away from the moment for which we are here today. Let’s gather near the screen.

(At 11:59:50) Count with me, 10…9…8…3..2..1….. Happy New Year to all… Please welcome DJ Palash Guys.

<Music .. Dance><After some time, inform your audience about food arrangements and at end of it close the event>

From the XYZ group, we wish you a happy new year again. I hope this new year brings success and happiness to your life. I would like to thank you, Mr. Khurana, to give me a chance to meet amazing people. I would also like to thank our sponsors and arrangement team. Good Night All….

Tips for the New Year Anchoring Script

  1. If the transport arrangement is available for the audience, then let them know it at the start and end of the event.
  2. Do not copy any anchoring speech script from the internet, including this one. Use them as references only. Write your script in our words, in your own style.
  3. Do not mug up anchoring speech like essay competition. Your audience will get bored.
  4. Carry cue cards for reference to event proceedings and guest names etc.
  5. Click to read more anchoring speech tips.
  6. Some reference anchoring speeches for you. Christmas Anchoring Speech, Freshers Party Anchoring Script

I will be trying to translate this new year sample anchoring speech to Hindi and Marathi. I would like to get help from you guys to translate it into our other Indian languages like Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangla Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. You can comment on the translated version in the comments, we will add it to the main content. Let’s help others.

If this post helped you in any manner for your (31st December) new year celebration anchoring speech preparation, then appreciate our effort by commenting below.

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