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National Technology Day 2019 Celebration in School Ideas and Activities

National Technology Day celebration Ideas Activities

India has a great heritage of science and technology. Indian Vedas and scripts have become the foundation of modern science and technology. Many scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers, engineers have made contributions to advance the science and technology sector in India. Today India is rapidly progressing in the field of technology. The efforts of the individual scientists, science institutes and government of India have placed India into the club of elites in technology in the whole world. Hence we have given the best tips, activities, ideas for National Technology Day 2019 celebration in school.

The day May 11 is celebrated as the National Technology Day in India. On this day school, colleges and science institutes across India organize many events to create awareness and interest in the science amongst the students and masses. On this day many events and competitions like speech and essay competitions, poster making, science project model building, quizzes, and many other such events are organized to create interest about the science in students’ minds. In this article, we are giving you the best national technology celebration of ideas and activities which you can organize at your school or college for the National Technology Day celebration 2019.

Before we start, let me tell you that every competition you are going to organize, should have a touch of science and technology in it. This kind of activities we can organize for students on Nation Technology Day. So let’s start.

National Technology Day 2019 Celebration in School Ideas and Activities

Speech Competition

Many schools and college across India host interschool or inter-college competitions in the schools and colleges. National Technology Day would be a great opportunity to aware students about science and technology and what could be better than the speech competition itself.

The topic of the speech competition should be related to science and technology or the latest trends in the technology sector in the country. We have prepared some speeches along with the tips and necessary information in the separate articles. Check them here. Best Short Speeches for Schools and Colleges in India.

Essay Competition

Some students are better in written skills as compared to vocal skills hence, hosting an essay competition would be a great opportunity for students. As mentioned before the topics for essay competitions should be related to the science and technology such as essays on the scientists in India like late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and the latest trends in the technology field and Digital India Campaign being a revolutionary step in India’s technology sector taken by Government of India.

Quiz Competition

Quizzes are a healthy way to increase the knowledge of students through the competition. The quiz competition consists of multiple teams competing with each another trough out the multiple rounds. The difficulty of questions should increase as the rounds proceed. You can include the question from different topics such as science, maths, logical reasoning, general knowledge, history, civics, geography and so on. (National Technology Day 2019 Theme, History, Essay, Speech, and Article)

Science Exhibition/ Science Fair

National Technology Day is celebrated to appreciate the success and contribution of India and Individuals in India to the science and technology field and this would be the best day to encourage aspiring innovators and students who are willing to exhibit their talent through their small science projects.

Students can make models of the various phenomenon in nature and explain them to other students and the audience. Science fair can showcase the various science projects from multiple schools at one place and it will help to aware the students about the importance of science and technology.

Science Fun Lab

Science Fun Lab can be a great way of teaching science in a fun way. Teachers can perform various interesting and weird experiments to amuse students. This way students will also take a keen interest in science. For example, Fun science experiments, Fun experiments you can do easily.

Poster Making Competition

Poster making competition can be a great way to spread awareness about science and technology. Participants will make posters on the given topic. This will showcase the students’ creativity and knowledge about the subject and how they present it.


The debate can be the best way to increase the knowledge of students by counterfeiting two sides. In the debate, there are two teams competing with each other and every team has to prove why their side is right by putting forward logical and sensible arguments and facts and statistics.

Sample debate topic: Is technology a blessing or a curse? About this topic, one team can give their arguments on why technology is good and the opponent team will give arguments on why the technology is bad.

Science Movie and Documentaries

Showing sci-fi movies and various documentaries to students can help to create interest in science among the students as we learn more visually. There are so many documentaries available which showcase the science and technology world, such as 50 Year’s Of Space Exploration Documentary

Theme-Based Celebration in School

Every year the Government of India assigns the National Technology Day a theme to celebrate. You can follow these themes or you can decide your own themes to celebrate National Technology Day. Keep in mind that all the decorations and planning of the event should be according to the theme.

It is very necessary to create interest and awareness about science and technology into the minds of students in their early age. National Technology Day is definitely a great way to encourage students and appreciate the contributions of many scientists for India’s growing technology. These best ideas to celebrate the National Technology Day will definitely help you make the National Technology Day celebration successful. Thank You.

If you liked this National Technology Day celebration in school ideas and activities and find them helpful, please let us know by sharing your opinion or suggestion in the comment section below. We love receiving your response. 🙂

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