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माझी शाळा निबंध मराठी, भाषण- Essay on My School in Marathi

Education is an important part of our life. Education enables us to read, write and earn our living. It gives us knowledge and wisdom about life so that we can make better decisions throughout our life. Schools are the primary source of education for us. We attend school to learn to make things and these things shape our future.  Everyone loves their school and hence the students are asked to write an essay on school or a speech at my school to share their thoughts about their school.

Here in this article, we have given two essays, speech on My school examples, one is in an urban setting and other rural school settings. We have divided these essays on my school into two parts because urban and rural schools have different attributes and parameter to measure. We know you guys are smart enough to convert the given information in essay and speech accordingly. You can even use given information for paragraph or article writing too.

At the end of the essays on my school, we have also given some useful tips for delivering a perfect speech at my school as well as the best essay on my school. Let’s check out sample speech script.

My School Essay, Speech

Respected chief guest, Principal Madam, teachers, staff members and all my friends, today I am here on this stage to speak about my school. Well, we all spend 6 days of the week here in school, so I am not going to just describe what’s there in school, how it looks and feel. Rather I prefer to talk about what this school taught me, what new things they are doing. With your permission principal madam, I would like to start my speech.

The first and most important thing is the quality of education at our school, our school doesn’t just stop there; they believe in learning methods too. One might wonder, what the difference between education and learning? I had the same question and I asked our respected principal madam, let me tell you, she explains it very well, and she is accessible to students; she likes to communicate with students. She told me, Education is what you get from textbooks or reference books; learning is a continuous process, it goes beyond books and school. And that is why our school focuses on sports, extracurricular activities, educational trips, guest lectures etc.

She is the one who set up our school’s alumni network. And the best part of it is, she is tech savvy. Our school uses LinkedIn School Tool and Alumni Network tools. A lot of our alumni are spread across the world working in almost every field on the planet from biotechnology, big data to robotics. This is one of the things I like the most about our school. I feel proud to tell you that no other school in our immediate suburbs have these facilities. Nobody forced her to implement this, she did it on her own, and that is why I respect our principal madam and school. I hope every school in India have such a dedicated, tech-savvy and result-oriented principal.

Our teachers are not behind, all of them are qualified in the basics of computers. As we know that, India is a great IT services hub, our school is leaving no stone unturned to take advantage of these future opportunities. When other schools are teaching basic MS Word and Excel, our school focus on basic programming skills. Our computer science teacher Chavan sir, let me tell you he is done his B.Tech from a reputed university; he could have got a job in any big company but he chose to teach. The best part is that he is an alumnus of our school.

He is an inspiration to all of us, we should also consider teaching jobs as teachers are the people who build new generation. Let me tell you one more secret, Chavan sir, Principal Madam and a bunch of students trying to set up a school promoted startup where we students will be doing actual work of developing another school website, providing the content management, ERP implementation, and tech support. It’s still on paper, but I think this is the only school promoted startup in whole India.

Though our school is doing such great things, it is having nominal fees. Other competitor schools have almost two times of fees and a lot of hidden fees too. Indian parents are very serious about education, they do whatever they can do in their capacity to give the best education to their children, I fact they suppress their own aspiration for us. Many schools take advantage of that and try to fetch more and more donations and fees. My parent proudly compliments our school in front of their friends. Some of their friends might shift their children to our school. I must thank our school for respecting our parents.

We are the only tech-savvy school in our vicinity. Our school is planning to implement a school app. This app will ease out parents meeting, parents don’t need to come to school each time for meetings, they will do it over the internet on video chatting options. We will be getting timetable, notifications, exam results, test assessment, syllabus on the same app. I am very much excited to get the app. I am delighted to tell you that I am part of app testing project too.

I can speak for hours about our school, but due to time restriction let me conclude it. Our school is one of the best school in town. Our quality of education, futuristic approach and use of technology makes us separate from others. I hope, we students make most of it and get the best out of it for our future.

Let me thank you, Principal madam, for allowing me to share my views about school and exposing some secret too. Our school rocks, three cheers for our school. Hip Hip. Hurray… (3).

My school Essay, Speech #2

My school name is V.M.V.Kapade, it situated on confluence rivers. It is spread across half acre land which comprises a school building, campus, and a big ground. My school is semi English school and the main language is Hindi. We have 6 classes from 5th to 10th. Each class has 2 divisions called A and B. Each division have around 50 students in it that make our school strength of 600. We have good boys to girl ratio, our school campaigns each year for girls education.

One of thing I like about my school is they don’t discriminate on basis of gender, religion or caste. A rural society like us do have these problems but under the leadership of our beloved principal sir, it’s no more prevalent in our school.

Our school always deliver best results, last year we had a 96% success rate in SSC examination. One of our students Deepika is district topper and state topper in Sanskrit. All credit goes to our teachers, administrative staff, and principal sir. Though our school is in a rural area we are rapidly adopting new methods of learning. Last week Principal sir updated that, from this semester all of science and math classes will be taught on the computerized system. The school has bought software and projectors too. Parents welcome this concept, they have seen it in movies only, they are delighted to know that their children getting a quality education. We also received “School of the Year” award at the district level. We bagged this award because of our smart, hardworking principal and SSC success.

Our school also helps other schools in surrounding villages. They conduct guest lectures and invite those students to our school too. We also arrange the annual Science Exhibition, Essay and Speech competition. We don’t just arrange these competitions but pursue other schools to participate in events. Our school believes in the collective success, and that makes me proud of my school.

I am very happy to be part of such an awesome school and expect our school to excel like that for many years to come. Our school is helping me to build a good foundation, that will help me to succeed in my higher education.

Tips for My School Speech and Essay

Delivering a perfect speech and writing the best essay can be a difficult task. But it is not as difficult as you think. The art of delivering a perfect speech and writing the best essay can be mastered with practice. Here is this section we have given you some useful tips for delivering your speech on my school as well as writing your perfect essay on my school. Let’s see them.

  1. Almost all of the other participants going to describe school campus and teachers etc in their essay or speech. If you want to be different then you need to prepare a distinctive speech. Most of the schools keep doing a lot of things and students might not aware of it, you need to collect all such data. You need to speak to the principal, teachers to get this data.
  2. Everybody knows what’s happens in school, talk about future plans, projects which are in pipeline.
  3. Every school will have different attributes and plans. Some school may have good security, computerized classes, Medical facilities, social cause participation; some have good university tie-ups, some connect with international schools too. Try to get information on that and add it in your essay or speech.
  4. Remember “My School” is one of the most asked essays and speech in schools. Don’t participate in such an essay or speech competition only because it has been forced on you. You got to be interested in it, then only you will not feel it as an unavoidable burden.
  5. Try doing something different than others.

Here are some regular tips for speech and essay on my school

  1. Try to use gestures, hand movements while delivering the speech. Ask questions, crack light jokes if possible. This way you will connect with your audience.
  2. Use highs and lows in a speech like a natural conversation, that way your audience will stick to their chairs and listen to your speech. After all, that’s what speeches meant for, isn’t it?
  3. Essays are generally divided into three parts, introduction, core, and conclusion.
  4. You guys might need My School essay or speech in different length of words like 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000 etc and for a different class like 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12th. We have given big enough script so that one can slice and dice the data to fit as per requirement. You can find another essay here – 10 Lines on My School

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