My New Year Resolution Essay, Paragraph for Students

My New Year Resolution Essay, Paragraph for Students

A lot of people searching ‘what should my new year resolution be’ query over the internet. I am not sure how somebody else can answer this question. A person who is asking the question can only know the answer. No one else can judge your problems, difficulties, aspirations, and inspiration. We ourselves need to analyze and question ourselves.

Where am I lacking, what needs to be improved, what should be controlled etc. so asking ‘what should my new year resolution be’ is a waste of time. Even if somebody suggested, you might fail to complete it as it didn’t come from you. You got to find answer yourself and that should come from within.

Here in this article, we are giving you a sample essay on “My New Year Resolution”, this topic is asking your resolution. Nobody can guess it. Here I have used a couple of examples which I would like to set a new year resolution. The same thing may not be the case for you.

So you can take an overall idea or structure of the essay and add your own thoughts, resolutions to it. That is the only way this essay, speech or paragraph will mean something.

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Essay on My New Year Resolution

My new year resolution is not to have any new year resolution. That sounds negative, isn’t it? But it’s not. Let me explain.

New year resolution is one of the hyped modern (pop culture) tradition or some might call it a fad. People promise themselves to do a certain thing on the new years eve. They decide to complete, follow the task for the next whole year. In nutshell, it is a noble idea that people pledging something to themselves, this will encourage them to solve some of their problems.

But in reality, new year resolution is becoming a butt of a joke. On new year’s eve people have fun, eat and drink too. Most of the time when they take the decision when they are under influence of alcohol or other substances. They don’t even remember their resolution the next day.

People who are sober on new years eve also take new year resolutions. But I think, they also don’t mean it. If I am serious enough to change something in my life, I can do on any normal day. I don’t need to wait for new year’s eve for that. That is just an excuse.

People also make a mistake of having a big resolution, something for which they don’t have enough willpower. Within a couple of weeks, they get off the hook and make fun of it. Some even say, “New year resolutions are meant to be broken”.

Like new year’s day, every other day brings opportunity to start something new, chance to start over, a gateway to escape from traps. Every day of life is special, we should not wait for Christmas to spend time with family, we should wait for Valentine’s day to show our love, we should not wait for mother or father’s day to show our respect towards them.

All these celebrated days, festival have their own meaning and significance. Unknowingly we tend to use them as excuses to procrastinate. That is why my new year’s resolution is, I mean one which I took in the month of June is not to have a new year resolution.

Please note that we have written this article in essay format, but you can use the content and overall idea to make speech script. You can also use it for paragraph or article writing.

Let us know if you like the given sample essay. It is not a typical essay, we understand that but we wanted to give a different perspective on the given topic so we chose to write on this theme. We will like to know your view in cthe omments.

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