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“My mother” is one of the frequently asked essays and speech topic in primary and high schools. Here in this article, we are giving an essay on the mother, we are using a combination of narrative and persuasive essay theme here if you want to know more about types of essays them follow the given link. As this is a narrative essay you can easily convert it into a speech which can be delivered at school/college speech competition or social events. On top of that, you can use this information paragraph and article writing too. So, let’s get started.

Essay, Speech on My Mother

God cannot be everywhere, so he created Mother

we hear this quote a lot of time. But, do we really understand it. And if one understands, does he/she appreciate it. When we hear the word “mother” what goes through our mind. An angry lady constantly shouting at you and ask you to wash your hand, comb the hair, do homework. She spanks you when you curse in front of elders. All in all, what we see is an angry woman, we are her anger management toolkit, isn’t it?

Have we ever tried to understand, what she is going through? Why she gets irritated so much, same time why she cares, why she loves her kids than anything else. For some, a mother can be difficult to understand sometimes, but it is not true. A Mother is synonymous with the true and pious love for her kids and family. They are the ones she always thinks of, she sometimes ignores own health and aspirations and takes care of us. No matter how late she falls asleep, she will wake up in time to get you ready for school. Have you ever appreciated her efforts?

She does it daily, as a job or as a responsibility, over the time we forget to appreciate her and her efforts. If one wants to understand what she goes through one should try to do at least 20% work she does. Remember it’s not about physical and kitchen chores only, she handles family problems, financial difficulties and she even take care of relatives. And top of that, our mood swings.

When we step into our teenage years, we rebel, we shout back at her, we sometimes insult her too. All these years she handles everything, she took care of you from your embryo stage to teenage years. And what she gets in return is an insult, she is taken for granted, no one listens to her.

We, teenagers, post our mother’s selfie on social media saying “Happy Mother’s Day. Love you Mommy” and 2 seconds later she is cleaning the mess in the kitchen and dining table. Our Mother and father go out of their league and admits us in English medium or international school so that we get a good education and a bright future. They kill their ambitions to raise ours. And someday, we feel ashamed of them because they can’t speak proper English in front of your friends.

We will go through this stage in a couple of years, most of us will go out for higher education for the first time. When we think of this now, we get super excited about freedom that we will get. There will be no restrictions, constant flow of pocket money, we can eat out, party whole night, have fun. But, it’s not that rosy in the outside world.

Fast forward, it’s your 3rd day in the hostel, you are first time outside of your home comfort and protection of parents. You meet a few new classmates, started to get along with roommates. But now you start missing home, when you eat canteen food, you start to realize why everyone compliments your mother as a master chef. You think, you are grown up now and it’s just a phase; you fight back situation and pass 2 more days. And on first Friday in the first week in the hostel, you cry like a baby, holding the pillow over the mouth so that your room partner will not listen to it. Next day you find yourself at home, you are there without a phone call or a notice. You yourself don’t know how that boring 9-hour journey passed by. At the doorstep, your father has a stern look on his face, as you bunked in the first week of college.

On another hand, your mother; she takes your backpack to keep it aside and kiss you on the forehead. She smiles at you and runs to the kitchen to make your favorite menu. She knows you missed her, she also knows that you will not be comfortable to admit that, she knows you love her. This is the mother. How one can be kind like that, how one can be so selfless and full of love. Isn’t that God’s attributes. That’s is we say, “God cannot be everywhere, so he created Mother”.

We, need to appreciate our mother’s efforts in raising us and for giving birth to us. She kept us in her womb for 9 months, she went through horrific labor pain only because she wanted you to see the beautiful world. We don’t need to smoke the mountains to express our love to her. Just do small things. Don’t shout back at her, carry a heavy grocery bag for her, if she wants to learn social media, don’t laugh at her, teach her. When you will find a job, get her a decent saree, from your first salary. She doesn’t expect a diamond jewelry set, give something to your parents as a token of appreciation.

Tips for My Mother Essay

Writing an essay can be different sometimes. Then how to write a perfect essay on my mother? Don’t worry. Here are some tips that will help you to write the best essay on my mother. Let’s see them.

  1. We found a lot, my mother, essay over the internet, a lot of them talking about things like “my mother wears saree… and a red tikka… she is a very good singer…”. We think, when one talks about mother it must have fringes of love, care and emotions; the descriptive essay format will not be the best choice here. And that is why we thought to write “My mother” essay in narrative format. Expository essay format will not suit on this topic.
  2. Divide essay in three parts, introduction (opening paragraph), core and conclusion. You don’t have to name the sections all the time, it depends on the topic and types of essay, here we skipped it because we wanted to keep the flow going between paragraphs till the end.
  3. The core section can have more than 1 paragraphs in it.
  4. The conclusion will be one paragraph where you will conclude the essay. Do not introduce new ideas in conclusion and don’t write a simple summary of the core section.
  5. The conclusion should be thoughtful and must show some direction to the reader.

Tips for My Mother Speech

Delivering a perfect speech is not a cup of tea for everyone. But the art of winning the hearts of the audience by your speech can mastered with practise. Following are some tips for improving your speech. These tips will definitely help for your speech on mother too. Let’s see them.

  1. As we said in the above section, Mother is an emotional topic, and it needs to handled in the same way.
  2. Do not just copy paste words from this speech or essay and recite it. Think of your mother, what she did for you. Automatically emotions will get added in your speech and your speech will become more authentic and will connect you will the audience.
  3. Confidence is the key to any successful speech. So deliver your speech on my mother with confidence.
  4. Gaining the confidence is a long-term process. So have patience. You will gain confidence with each speech you deliver. Practise makes you perfect.
  5. If you have stage fear, don’t worry many people have it. To gain te confidence to face people. Practice your speech about the mother in front of your friends, family members.
  6. Make suitable use of hand gestures while delivering your speech on my mother.
  7. As you are going to deliver the speech on mother, add some quotes about mothers to make the speech more appealing.

I hope you find this essay, speech helpful. If yes then please Rate this article with 5 stars and tell us how much you love your mother in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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