Love Story of A Teenage Zombie

when a teen zombie falls in love with human.

Have you seen any zombie in a movie? Most probably in movies like Resident Evil, Go Goa Gone or probably in Walking Dead. They are gory, rotting, and a hell lot of scary. They walk slowly everywhere trying to find a human to eat and making voices like “Grrrhhhhhhhhhh” But have you seen any zombie falling in love with a human? Yes, you read it right. A teenage zombie falls in love with the teenage girl who is zombie killer.


This is the movie “Warm Bodies” about a teenage zombie named R who falls in love with a zombie hunter girl. R is a different zombie from the beginning. He walks around everywhere, observes people around him(zombies), collects various things, listens to the music. And while the girl, who is a human along with her friends goes on a quest to kill zombies in zombie prone areas in the city, R sees her and falls in love with her at the first sight. Her love and his willingness to be a human again spark the hope in him.

I won’t go into details now. Watch the trailer here.

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