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Long Distance Relationship works !! Find out how?

Long Distance Relationship Tips for Indian Teen Guys

Are you lovers miles apart from each other? then you must read this. For sure long distance relationship is difficult to maintain but try to see the brighter side of it. Why I am writing this, guess what; I am going through this at a time of writing this article. So, I would like to share my own little experience with you guys, I hope this article help you guys to mend those bonds tattered by distance.

When people are in a relationship they love each other’s company, eye to eye contact, touch and overall experience of having your partner in front of you. Or at least you know you can see her is few minutes or an hour. But, due to circumstances, studies or unwarranted responsibilities, you guys are separated by distance. Don’t let distance haunt your relationship. Take following tips and strengthen your love bond.

1. Commitment

Before moving to the LDR, make sure both of you are “Committed” in your relationship (that doesn’t mean engaged). If one of you or both of you are still confused about commitment, then you must talk about it. If you fake this at a start of LDR then it’s going to be tough later. So, it’s better to sort it out as early as possible.

2. Communication

If you are already in long distance relationship then you must communicate with your partner. Discuss all good, bad, easy, difficult situations with your partner. Keep her updated about your life. Put your views on the table. The little discussion always better than a nasty fight. Isn’t it?

But remember that in LDR you guys are miles apart so communication should be your first priority. It doesn’t mean one should overdo it. Stop 24X7 chatting and share your thoughts only couple of times a day. Prefer quality over quantity.

Technology has made this game simpler so take advantage of it. Along with text chatting and phone calls, you should try Skype or Google Hangout. Video call is a better option because the audio-visual experience is always better than text & audio.

 3. Mutual Trust

Mutual Trust is the backbone of any healthy relationship. But it is not a piece of cake. It is important for both partners to trust each other. Along with communication, trust is also a very important factor when you are in long distance relationship.

If you trust your girl enough, then avoid scrutinizing and questioning her over and over again. Yes, it is good that you care for her and you want her to be safe but restricting her now and then is not the solution. Almost everyone gets possessive about their partner but don’t let it turn into over-possessiveness. It might kill your relationship altogether. Showing distrust for her and doubts for no reason can be catastrophic for your relationship. She has her own freedom as you do, give some space her too.

Share your fears, doubts with her; this will help her to know about your insecurities. Discuss it out calmly.

 4. Focus on your Goals

Don’t forget, you are apart from your bae for a reason. You have your own dreams or responsibilities and you are here to achieve them. Maintaining relationship is important but make sure it does not distract you from your goals.

You have to explain it to her how important your goals are and how important they are for your future together. You got to strike a balance between two.

5. Loyalty

What does every girl expect from a guy? Yes, it’s loyalty. Every girl wants her boyfriend to stay loyal to her and vice versa. There are simple things to maintain your loyalty to her. Of course, don’t get involved with someone else if you are the relationship. As you guys miles apart small misunderstanding can spark a problem. 

 6. Make Her Happy

Well, all of them say it is next to impossible to make a girl happy all the time. Some even say “happy girl is a myth“. I know from my experience that it is difficult but not impossible. Communication is a must, that’s the only way to know what she likes, hates and expects. Rather than doing bad guess-work (remember guessing answers in aptitude exams 😉 ) speak to her. If you know her, then it is quite easy to win over her.

Make something on your own, show your effort and care in it. These small gestures will definitely bring a smile to her face. You guys must try out some of our “DIY Project” *Coming Soon…..

We have a separate detailed guide on this topic, you can have a read.

7. Surprise Visit

This can be the best weapon in your arsenal to fight over long distance relationship problems. Visiting her once in a month or in a couple of months is essential. Why not make it special? but how? So here is the answer, girls loves surprises and what else will be the magical and surprising moment for her than your surprise visit to her ;)? This is the best thing in LDR and the best way to make her happy and feel special.  

(Idea: Shoot her reaction in your phone, catch that special moment. Years later this memory will be one of the golden memory and romantic one too). 

To add the cherry on top, give her a handwritten greeting card or a simple letter. I know you guys will say, the letter is a thing of past. But believe me, guys, it’s damn romantic.

So, guys, it is not that hard to maintain long distance relationship. You can have a healthy & blooming relationship by making it interesting. I hope it does help you. If you find this helpful in any way then please let us know in comments.

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