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List of Pink Whale Challenges in English – 50 Tasks, Steps

List of Pink Whale Challenges in English - 50 Tasks, Steps, Hindi

You must be aware of Pink Whale Challenge game by now. If dont, read our article explaining it “Pink Whale Challenge Vs Blue Whale Game Vs Real Issue“. It is exactly opposite to infamous Blue whale challenge which provokes teenagers to do self-harm and to commit suicide. On contrary, Pink whale promotes positivity, generosity and aims to spread love in community.

Pink whale challenge is an online challenge gaming app. Read about how to search, download, install and play the Pink Whale Game.

List of Pink Whale Challenges- 50 Tasks in English

A lot of you guys searching for a list of pink whale challenges so I have written this article. All these 50 tasks are available of Baleia Rosa (Pink Whale Challenge) website ( ). Their website has listed out all these tasks on their website, it is available in three languages Brazilian Portuguese, English, and Espanol. You can read it there or check it here.

Please be sure that, there are some copycat websites too which named their game as pink whale challenge, original website is

Pink Whale Challenge List (1-10)

1. With a marker write on someone’s skin how much you love them.
2. With a marker, draw a pink whale with a motivating quote or word and post a picture of it on social media.
3. Think about the situation has made you the happiest you have ever been and enjoy the memory!
4. If you are ready for next step, comment “YES” on the post, otherwise, go look in the mirror and compliment yourself for 5 minutes.
5. Chat with someone you haven’t talked to for a long time.
6. Write to your timelines or post a picture with the quote “I am beautiful” #PINKWHALE
7. Draw a dream you have one piece of paper, the one that sounds the most impossible to happen, now do everything you can do to make it happen.
8. Draw a pink whale in a pillow fight and post it on your timeline.
9. Post a picture of yourself wearing an outfit that makes you feel good.
10. Create a new playlist that makes you excited and share it with your friends

Pink Whale Challenge List (11-20)

11. Use your hands to scratch someone’s back.
12. Make a generous act, make someone smile.
13. Write “pink whale” as much as you can in 22 seconds, dont cheat.
14. Write “pink whale” backward as much as you can in 22 seconds
15. Make a New friend
16. Now it’s your turn to help us! share this game with 3 people.
17. Secret Mission: If you got this far, Inbox us and your master will send you.
18. At different moments of the day, post and say “Pink Whale”, but dont explain why to anyone until tomorrow at 4 4:20 PM.
19. Use this time of your day to call your grandparent! They will love this surprise.
20. Dont use any negative words for an entire day.

Pink Whale Challenge List (21-30)

21. Apologize or give forgive someone – you can also unblock a friend from your social media.
22. Write a letter to yourself in the future and only open it in 10 years.
23. Look a the mirror and be grateful for everything you have in your life
24. Grab someone else’s littering from the street and throw it in the trash.
25. Unexpectedly tell your parent or another relative that you love them.
26. Starting today, write every day on a piece of paper a good deed you did and put it inside a pig bank. You can open it in 1 year
27. Donate something you dont need anymore.
28. Wear a new outfit next Monday.
29. Tell yourself a joke.
30. Complement and hug a fruit.

Pink Whale Challenge List (31-40)

31. Yell, “I Love Myself” in middle of a street.
32. Be kind to everyone around you. Remember that the world is in constant movement.
33. Draw an imaginary animal
34. Talk to a plant about your day.
35. Interview a friend and record it.
36. Make up a song and post a video of yourself singing it.
37. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and smile. You are a wonderful person!
38. Spend an entire day communicating only by song lyrics.
39. Try to read a sentence backward and upside down.
40. Spot the shapes in clouds.

Pink Whale Challenge List (41-50)

41. Wear your pajamas to run some errands.
42. Take a picture in funny pose wearing weird clothes
43. Be yourself! The correct way to do it is being the way you are
44. Compliment someone who is a bullying victim.
45. Make a list of some of your qualities for a minute. Now read it out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.
46. Make a list of a friend’s qualities. Now read it out loud for him.
47. Post a picture wearing something pink.
48. Write motivational quotes and leave it as some random place you pass by – can be at your school’s bench, light poles around your town, inside a library’s book, etc. And most important comment it here.
49. Believe me, you are f%#!*# Amazing in many ways.
50. Save a life.

We have observed that some people looking for the task or steps list in Hindi, We will be translating this list of steps in Hindi soon. We will give you link here. Baleia Rosa might come up with more languages soon, let’s hope Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil etc should be there.

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