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Keeping Your Girlfriend Happy – Secret Revealed

Happy Girlfriend

I know what is ringing in your head right now. Most of us think that “Happy girl is a myth“. Well, I don’t think so, but I also believe that there is no single magical formula. Every person is different, like you, your girlfriend also might have her own views, opinions, and experiences. So, you gotta find that customized, personalized formula which will work for you guys. To get that perfect formula you need to consider some basic stuff first. Let’s check that out.

 Be a good listener

Now, your reaction is like “Whhhhhatttt?”. No need to be shocked. It’s true.For any relationship to work one must listen first. This rule is applied for formal, casual and even business relationships too. So, listen to your girl. Some may say she keeps blabbering and goes on and on. But if you carefully listen to her, you’ll realize she talks about  you two only. Listening to her will help you to understand her needs, desires, things that make her happy as well as the things that annoy her. After learning that, just avoid things that she hates and try to do the things that she is interested in.

 Ask for her opinion

It’s always better to have a second opinion, then why not ask your girl for her view on the topic? She may give excellent opinions. On top of that, she will feel good to be part of your decision-making process.

Don’t be over-possessive

Caring is another thing but being possessive is not cool, bro. You don’t own her. If she loves you she won’t do anything that will hurt you.

Express your love by different means

A real guy doesn’t love a thousand girls, he loves his girlfriend by thousand ways. Even the small things you do for her will make her happy. Text her “Good morning, Beautiful.” I am pretty sure this will put a smile on her face instantly. Sing for her even if you are a terrible singer. Give her surprises. Call her nicknames. Help her to solve her problems. Give her your time. Don’t shout at her. Even the small rose can work better than expensive gifts.

Compliment Her

Nothing is more romantic than letting your girl know that you love her.  To keep that spark in your relationship you gotta be making same efforts when you were trying to get her. Appreciating her beauty will let her know that you still love her as you were before and can’t live without her.

Keep your promises

Girls are very much sensitive about what you say, so don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

Take Your Girlfriend On a Date.

Spending quality time with each other will make your relationship stronger. Take her to the dinner. Nothing beats those long walks at sunsets. Don’t forget the bike rides in the rains with her hugging you from behind.

Support and Encourage Her In Decisions.

Your girlfriend expects your support in her ups and down. Cheer her up when she’s feeling low. Encourage her in her career choices. Celebrate her victories.

Don’t Compare Her With Other Girls.

Remember, no girl is same. So never ever compare your girlfriend with another girl. Every girl has her own ways to express her love. So don’t force her to be someone which she’s not.

Never Flirt With Other Girls.

NEVER. If you want a mutually trusted relationship then never flirt with other girls. The fact that you flirt with other girls will make her lose trust in you and will totally piss her off.

I know the list is too long but if you care for her, you have to do this. Trust me, buddy, if you could do at least half of these things, she couldn’t be happier.

Share with your loved one. See you soon. 🙂

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