Why Do Some People Think the Earth Is Flat? 🌏❌

Why Do Some People Think the Earth Is Flat
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We live in a world full of conspiracy theories and theorists who have devoted their lives to their beliefs. One of such sects is the Flat Earthers who believe that scientists and world governments have gone to great lengths to make the world believe that Earth is round, which according to them is not true.

Why Do Some People Think the Earth Is Flat? 🌏❌

Flat Earthers believe that NASA has been doctoring images forever and orchestrating covert cover-ups. They have been photoshopping space images to make the world live the lie that Earth is a round mass when in fact it is flat like a pancake, with the Arctic in the center and surrounded on all sides by the impassable 150-foot ice wall of Antarctica.

Flat Earth theory is not new and is not losing momentum any soon for it is even a major Youtube phenomenon now with many celebrities also lending their voice and support to it. In a recent study conducted in America by YouGov, almost sixty-six percent millennials in America believe that Earth is round and the rest belong to the Flat Earthers community.

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How it all started?

Let’s give you a little background into this first. Flat Earthers despise Aristotle who first claimed in 350 BC that the Earth is a sphere and got supported by few others in the scientific community like Plato, Pythagoras, and Archimedes. This theory was lent further credibility in 240 B.C when another astronomer Eratosthenes estimated the Earth’s circumference and then in 1500 again when Magellan led a Spanish expedition to circumnavigate the globe to add to the theory.

The modern Flat Earth theory came into limelight when an English writer Samuel Rowbotham came up with some conclusions derived from his experiments called the Bedford Level Experiment. He also published a pamphlet titled Zetetic Astronomy.

Rowbotham stated in his book Earth Not a Globe, that the Earth is a flat disc with the North Pole at its center and is surrounded and bounded by a wall of ice, Antarctica at its southern edge. He also had reasons to believe that the sun and the moon were 3000 miles above the Earth’s surface with the cosmos being 3100 miles above Earth.

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What do the Flat Earthers believe?

Flat Earthers allege that the Earth’s gravity is an illusion and objects falling do not have their fall accelerated by the gravity. They say that the Earth accelerates upwards at a speed of 32 feet per second squared or 9.8 meters per second squared and it is being fuelled by a mysterious force called dark energy.

The Flat Earthers also have a point of discord amongst them and it is related to the Einstein theory of relativity. Many of them believe that it is due to this theory that the Earth accelerates upward indefinitely, without it going faster than the speed of light.

Why say that the Earth is a sphere?

The Flat Earthers also admit to not knowing what exactly do the governments gain out of propagating that Earth is flat but the strongest arguments lean towards a financial motive. They feel the amount of funding which NASA receives is quite large and all the space programs which NASA supposedly undertakes with that funding are all fake and managed with a much lesser cost.

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The people behind this conspiracy take their share from the funding, which is then shared with other space agencies around the globe that help NASA to validate their space programs.

Some wild (obviously not for the Flat Earthers) conspiracy theories include:

  • The moon is a projection and NASA is at the helm of this.
  • Earth is diamond shaped and is supported by some very sturdy columns.
  • Earth is one of the many ponds which has been carved out of a large chunk of ice.
  • The people from NASA protect the ice wall of Antarctica and prevent people from climbing the wall and falling off the disc.

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  • All space photos and that of the planet have been photoshopped, of course by NASA.
  • GPS devices are rigged which makes the pilots think that they are flying in a straight line around the sphere when what they are doing is flying in circles overhead flat earth.
  • A 61-year-old American Limo driver named Mike Hughes intended to launch himself into space to prove that the earth is flat. His plan bombed when he was not given the required permission to do so by the government, making the Flat Earthers scream till they were hoarse that it was another ploy of the government to keep this a secret.
  • In 2016, rapper-singer Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. popularly known as B.O.B came out with a track called “Flatline”. The singer has been quite vocal about his belief in the Flat Earth theory.
  • The singer also crowdfunded a rocket launch which was intended to carry a camera into the space to gather proof regarding the curvature of the Earth. Unfortunately, the plan fizzled and failed as he could not collect his required amount of $ 1 million!

So, what is your take on this? If you have any flat earther in your friend circle, then share the post with them. Want to say something? Write it down in the comment section below. 😀

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