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Internet – Advantages, Disadvantages, Benefits

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is the greatest invention of the 21st century, it opened unexplored avenues to the humankind. The Internet provided an unlimited supply of information and entertainment across countries. It gives freedom to express, it connects people across boundaries, it helps to diminish distances and differences.

There are numerous advantages of the internet that are simply not possible to cover in one article, but at the same time, there is another side too. The internet, the technology itself don’t have any disadvantages but the people with ill mind use the internet for bad activities and tarnish the image of the internet. In this article, we are giving you a list of points about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet and its benefits to students, society, businesses or people in general.

Advantages of the Internet (Benefits)

Information Access

With the help of the internet, you can search and browse information about any possible subject in the world. Most of the data across countries is now digitized and accessible over the internet and each year world is producing a humongous amount of data that is accessible to people from any corner of the world. This provides an immense possibility to learn new things.

Search engines like Google provide a facility to search for any topic across the internet. On YouTube, you can search and watch videos. Same way on SoundCloud you can find sound clips, on PDF sharing sites you can find PDF on various topics. You can also find online courses from the world’s top universities; plus students can learn from free e-learning websites like khan Academy etc. One can read online newspapers from all over the world and stay updated on world politics.


Connectivity is one of the most important advantages of the internet, it brought the world closer. On social media websites, you can connect with old friends who might live states or countries apart. You can also find and meet new people over the internet. With the help of messaging and chat apps, you can talk to people from any part of the world; with video calling services you can make a video call.

Businesses can provide better and instant customer support with the help of the internet. They can use the internet for feedback loop and improve the products according to customer’s demands and feedbacks.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge increases by sharing and now the internet has become one of the most important medium for knowledge sharing. Businesses, universities, experts and even individuals can share their knowledge, experiences with the world. People write about their experiences or any topic of their interest in the form of a blog, they make videos and post it on YouTube, Facebook to share with their followers.

Senior students can share their papers, thesis, seminars, presentations on PDF sharing sites which helps junior students to learn from it. Nowadays one can learn about any possible thing in the world from the internet e.g. cooking, internet marketing, website development, carpentry, programming, DIY stuff and everything in between.

On question and answers sites like Quora, people ask questions free of cost and experts or anyone can answer the questions. One can also ask questions on generic or niche forums too. Students can discuss homework or talk about concepts on QnA websites like Brainly. All these facilities are provided by the internet.

Online Maps

With the help of GPS and the internet, you can use map services like Google Maps to find any location online. You can also measure the distance between given points, cities and find the best route to travel. This service also gives you the estimated time to reach your destination plus turn-by-turn navigation. Online map services like Google Maps also provide satellite and road views of almost the whole world. You can and see the whole world online with the help of Google Maps, YouTube and other Geo Spacial services.

Online Payments

Because of online payment facilities one can purchase goods and pay bills online. You can access your banking services online; you can check your bank account balance, send money and perform financial transactions from your net banking facilities. Now you don’t need to visit your bank for day-to-day banking transactions. You can search, browse, compare thousands of products over the internet and make the purchase online. You can also track the shipping status of your product online.

Money Making

The Internet is very advantageous for entrepreneurial people, the internet opened new ways to solve problems and doing business. Because of the internet one can earn money by writing content, making videos, selling online, working as an affiliate or an online influencer.

Programmers can develop different apps, games, and websites and can earn money by selling those or by introducing different online revenue models like advertising, affiliates, commission, etc. Consultants can provide their expert services online to different businesses and clients.

The Internet also opened a new way of working, now people can work from home. Jobs in the field of online marketing, telecalling, online selling can be done from home. Even some businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, this facility benefits employees as she doesn’t need to spend time on daily commute; the time saved can be spent with family and dear ones. Bloggers write articles, vloggers make videos and they can earn a commission from Google AdSense, and similar revenue sharing services.

If you are a creative person then you can make your own product, it can be a digital or physical product too. You can sell your product online on various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or you can open your own Web Store. You can also sell your used, old things online and earn a decent amount of money.

Businesses can employee people from any part of the world as they can work from home. Because of the internet businesses can hire the workforce at lower rates from different countries. The Internet is beneficial for businesses as it helps in digital marketing, online selling, and other business functions.

Disadvantages of Internet

Internet on own doesn’t possess any disadvantages, it’s the people with bad intentions who use the internet for illicit purposes. Here is the list of points which suggest the disadvantages of internet.


As more and more people are going online and using online service, hackers find loopholes in websites and network security to steal private and financial data. One can blackmail people by downloading their photos and videos. Credit card information shared on unsecured websites can be stolen and misused by hackers.

Social Media Addiction

Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat provided a great way to connect with people and make friends. But a decade later people are more involved in online social media than actual social life. People have hundreds of online friends but no one to talk to when one needs a friend.

Young people, especially teenagers are getting addicted to social media. They spend most of their time on these websites and apps than with real people. Because of the overuse of social media people are suffering from social anxiety, FOMO.

Internet Scams

With internet online scam also flourished. Everyone must have received at least one email claiming lottery money or inherited wealth. Such scammers try to steal your private and financial data for illicit purposes. Hackers can use your internet-connected computer to perform bigger hacking attempt on other businesses.

Data Privacy

We upload photos, videos over social media; we store our scanned documents or important information online. Business stores its business data and runs their systems online in the cloud. There is a big concern over data privacy and security in the online world.


The Internet is one of the biggest innovations in this new age, it benefited people across the world, from rich to poor. It helped everyone but hackers use it for improper purposes. Children are getting addicted to social media, in such cases, their internet use needs to be monitored and controlled by parents.

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