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In India, before the currency came into the picture, people used barter system where they used to exchange goods for other services and goods in return. There was no employment for money at that time. The economics was totally different than today. In the 19th century, the process came into the picture in which people manufactured goods rather than primary agriculture system by which an economy is transformed. This process is Industrialization. In this article, you will find information about industrialization in India which will help you in writing essay or speech competitions held at your school or college.

Beginning of the Speech

Hello, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends, as the world is evolving, our country is heading towards the progress in many ways. Industrialization is an important concept. I am going to deliver the speech on Industrialization in India.


Industrialization is the concept where the economy is transformed from previous primary agricultural system to manufacturing goods. In this process, individual labor is replaced with mechanized machines. Assembly lines replaced craftsmen. Industrialization has several characteristics such as economics, human labors and the use of technological concepts for solving difficult situations and conditions. Industrialization is the key to economic growth and development. Because of this many people get employed, people get opportunities to build their careers in different fields. It also helps in the progress of agriculture, trade, transport and all economic activities.

In late 18th and early 19th century, it was Europian Industrial Evolution that was associated with industrialization. The Steam engine was the key invention followed by growth of metals & textiles industries for a massive production of goods. The manufacturing resulted in the growth of transportation, finance and communication industries to support new products. It led in making cities and citizens more wealthy and smart. People were getting more and more opportunities for employment, business, and growing themselves economically. Industrialization makes a country advanced in world and India is one those advanced countries today.

Industrialization has many benefits for our lifestyle. It is growing the employment opportunities for youth in our nation. Th lifestyle of people is changing because there is a massive change today than previous years in economics.  Things are getting easier and automated because of industrialization. The production speed is increasing which helps in changing trends and systems used by people. As there are many new production plants, the number of trading, merchants, training and research, promotion of education is increasing too.

Industries have many processes for making useful from wastage. Also, industries result in outlets which are sometimes useful. Because of this concept, the wastelands are being used for a purpose of making good. As there are many benefits of industrialization, it also has some drawbacks. The pollution in our country is increasing massively. The chemicals coming out from these industries into air, water, and land is increasing pollution. As the pollution increases, diseases are increasing too. This is affecting people’s health. Though the graph of statistics is growing, corruption is also growing with it. As much people get an opportunity of this process, they may misuse it. With the technological solutions to our problems, things are getting easier and automated but again it is making people lazy and dependent too. There have been child labors in industries sometimes. As employment opportunities are growing, many students or children are behind these jobs instead of focusing on their studies first.

Industrialization is creating the gap between economic standards. The people who are poor are getting poorer because the value of money is going down. The ones who are rich are getting richer as they are getting more profits and opportunities for their money making. Sometimes there is discrimination in this field amongst people on the ground of their caste and religions.


Industrialization is making more money in our economic statistics. It is creating many opportunities to people for growing themselves in many different fields. Even though there are many disadvantages of industrialization, it is also changing and improving people’s lifestyle.

Ending of speech

As every coin has two sides, industrialization also has pros and cons. It is helping us in many ways and also there are several drawbacks to it. But people should become smart enough for recognizing and making use of it in a positive way. It depends on how we deal with things; with their positive sides or negative. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you.

Tips for Essay on Industrialization

  1. The essay can be written in story format too.
  2. There should be logical sections in your essays such as introduction, detailed concept, and conclusion.
  3. Write an essay with simple language and understandable phrases.

Tips for Speech on Industrialization

  1. Deliver your speech with confidence and emotions.
  2. Do not mug up the script, try conveying your own thoughts about the topic.
  3. Improve yourself by practicing in front of your family or friends. It will help in building your confidence to speak.
  4. Speak in front of the mirror for improvement of your expressions and gestures.

Tips for Paragraph on Industrialization

  1. In paragraph writing, it is expected that the topic should be elaborated clearly and in fewer words.
  2. The paragraph is same as Essay only the length of words is less.
  3. Explain your topic in a paragraph and give ideas about the key points of the topic.

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