Problems Faced by Indian Farmers, Agriculture and Solutions Essay, Speech, Article


So in this essay, we are talking about various problems faced by Indian Agriculture Industry, farmers and we will also try to give possible solutions which can be implemented not only by the government but by farmers and their children. We haven’t given a separate script for a speech on agriculture but we have given you enough information which can help you to prepare your speech or help you in writing a paragraph or article. We just gave you an opening and closing paragraph for speech. So, shall we start?

Problems Faced by Indian Farmers, Agriculture and Solutions Essay, Speech and Article

India is now known as IT services Hub and our government is trying to make it a manufacturing hub in the future. India was recognized for its agriculture industry for a long time but agriculture is losing its importance in modern India. India has 70% of its population dependent on agriculture and related in jobs or industry.

History of Indian agriculture dated back to Indus Valley civilization, a lot of festivals like Holi/Baisakhi were based on significant agricultural events. Cotton, Sugar, Rice, wheat are one of the most exported crops from India. At present India is producing a good amount of grains, rice, wheat vegetables to complete Indian population need. Agriculture and related industry support a big chunk of Indian GDP, but still, there are a lot of problems present in the Indian agriculture industry.

Urban Migration

Millions of farmers leaving farming and villages in search of better opportunities in cities. But, unfortunately, they end up in contractors trap. They don’t get paid on time and if they get the wages on time, with that minuscule amount of money they can hardly feed themselves.

They hardly left with any money to send back to home. They can’t afford basic facilities, they leave in very bad conditions. These farmers flock to cities because they don’t find farming, agriculture job rewarding. They don’t get much-needed finance, they are upgraded with modern farming techniques and knowledge of possible opportunities.

There is a solution to this problem, the government needs to create rural jobs, promote processed food industry; On the other hand, farmers need to upgrade their skills. There is dire need of change in the thinking of farmers and their children. The government should focus on rural youth, they need to teach new farming techniques and skills. The government needs to promote the processed food industry and encourage rural entrepreneurship.

Once this young blood understands the power of agriculture and if they see a ray of hope they will stay back and earn good form farming. The government also need to cut-off various stages of middlemen who exploit poor, hardworking farmers. When rural people find that government is thinking about them, it will encourage them to stay back, fight the battle.

Farmer Suicide

This is one of the biggest threat and problem in Indian agriculture. A lot of farmers from affluent states like Maharashtra etc committing suicide. The main reason for suicide is debt, they are not able to pay back their agriculture loan, and it gets piled up season after season.

In June 2017, Maharashtra farmers gone on strike, they appealed for loan waiver. Within a few days, this campaign spread to other Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, etc. Ultimately, the Maharashtra government agreed to waive off agriculture loan. But this strike spiked the price for more than a week.

It’s been said that these strikes were a political gambit from opposition parties, it is not new in Indian political history. Politicians use the problems of poor farmers to play their shrewd political games. Only farmers burn their fingers in all this. Farmers need to understand these political games, they should try not to be a puppet of political parties.

Waiving off the loans is not the solution to this farmer suicide problem, but can be a short term relief to farmers. There should be an equal contribution from state government and farmers. Farmers need to learn to manage finances, they should learn to take advantages of various schemes. Along with money, farmers need to diversify their hard work. They need to find smart ways to do things.

Along with farming, they should look for processed food products making options, e.g. Sun-dried tomatoes and vegetables. As per climate suitability, they can go for expensive crops like red, yellow capsicum, mushroom, strawberries and other expensive fruits, flower crops. They can also take options like fish farming, landlocked states should promote fish farming, local fresh produce can get a good price.

Soil test one more good initiative started by the Modi government, farmers need to take advantage of it. Most of the time Indian farmer take one type of crop only. With soil test farmer will know what crop will be best suited for their farm’s soil. Uria and other chemical-based fertilizers are short term solution and it is expensive too. Farmers should try for bio-fertilizers, compost fertilizers, etc. Knowledge of these techniques already available at the local level. This will help nature and farmers too.

Better Finance Options and Financial Literacy

Till 2017, a huge section of small farmers was not enjoying modern banking facilities. Thanks to PM Modi‘s efforts, which opened millions of zero rupee bank accounts. Here, banks or finance companies who give loans to farmer also need to bear some responsibility. They should promote and teach farmer about how to manage their finances, help them to opt for various government schemes. That way they will get their loan paid back and then farmers don’t need to kill themselves due to piled up loans.

Better Storage Facilities

Due to lack of storage facilities, a huge amount of goods get wasted. The government needs to open up more storages, clean mandais for farmers. Same way cold storages are required for dairy products, seafood, meat, etc.

Latest Methods, Technology, and Equipment

Most of the Indian farmers still used age-old farming techniques. The government needs to promote new farming techniques like vertical farming, greenhouse, and other innovative technique. Israel is famous for its agricultural innovation. In PM Modi’s first-ever Israel visit this was an official agenda, this shows a good sign for Indian agriculture. But these techniques, required modern equipment need to be promoted, taught at the grass root level.

Urban Indians demanding more and more organic products, there is a demand. Farmers need to learn organic farming techniques to cash on these opportunities.

Monsoon Dependency

Indian agriculture is highly dependent on monsoon. Though western, north-eastern and northern part of India get a good rain, major parts of Deccan plateau don’t get enough rainwater for all year round crops. There is a dire need of interconnected rivers and canal systems. India has a good number of dams, but that precious stored water needs to be used wisely. Along with that, not only farmers we all need to adapt to rainwater harvesting and PaanLot system.

Campaigns, Media, Celebrities, Politicians

Aamir Khan’s Satyame Jayate making history in Maharashtra. They have a Water Cup competition where villages from drought-prone areas of Maharashtra use age-old PaanLot technique to hold water. It helps to raise water table levels, which rejuvenates rivers, lakes, wells and minimize soil erosion.

Telangana Chief Minister started a challenging campaign called “Haritha Haram” under which they are trying to plant millions of saplings over the years. It will increase the Telangana’s green coverage, and ultimately it will help nature.

These two cases can become a role model for Indian agriculture-related campaigns. In these project famous celebrities, politicians took the primary part, they were leading it from the front. Same time paper media, television media covered it very well. Such programs and many others should get celebrity and politician support, then the miracle can happen.

Conclusion: Youth of India

Last but not the least, forget governments, schemes, and celebrities; Youth of India has all powers at their disposal they just need to wake up and have the courage to fight back all odds. Rather than using the internet for downloading pirated songs and video clips, they need to learn about modern agriculture techniques, weather forecast. This is the most important part of the solution, without the youth of this nation none of the above solutions will produce full results.

We have tried to cover all important point in this essay if you have more points to add let us know. Here is some link which will help you to prepare a speech script.

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This essay is a little complex, it is best suited for the students of class 8,9,10,11 and 12th. If you like this essay/speech information then let us know on comments.

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