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Secret Tips to Make Your Crush Fall For You 😍

Secret Tips to Make Your Crush Fall For You

Ouch…That’s the cupid’s arrow pinching you but you are yet to hear a similar sound from that pretty damsel or handsome hunk that has been on your mind ever since your gaze met. You are totally into your crush but are still wondering why you have not been able to make your way into her or his heart.

If you haven’t, despair not for there are cheat codes to everything just like your favorite X-box game. Follow these and warm your way into your crush’s heart easily. Just like any mission protocol, mission ‘Win your crush’s heart’ also has some don’ts that you need to keep in mind too. So let’s see them.h2>Secret Tips to Make Your Crush Fall For You 😍

For heaven’s sake do not stalk your crush on social media

There is something called following and then there is something sinister called stalking. You need to analyze which of the two it is that you are doing. You do not need to send a friend request to every single person on her friend list or like her every post accompanying it with a cheesy comment.

Go slow, like their social media activities and post an occasional comment which reflects how you genuinely are fond of them. Wait and watch to see if they like you back or retweet your tweet for the day. Remember, you want them to like you back and what you don’t want is to scare them away or block you because of your incessant pestering on social media.

Word of caution here would be to not engage with them in any debate on social media even if you hold completely opposing views about something. Social media is not the platform to do it. Express your genuine views but in such a way as to not offend them. You want them to love you back so humor them. You can have your discussion on the topic to your heart’s content once you have accomplished the mission of making them fall for you.

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Be direct

Do not use the medium of other friends to communicate whatever you wish to do about your feelings for your crush. You need to showcase that you have enough guts to talk to him or her about your feelings. He or she might not be able to read the subtle signs that you have been giving out.

There are times when your small gestures can convey a lot when it comes to how you feel about them. Sitting close to them and hanging onto every word they say is a strong sign which will show them how interested you are in them. A small touch that shows you care, goes a long way in letting your crush know about your feeling without making it weird.

Humor is the way to the heart, right after food

If you feel you are witty and humorous enough, then, make your crush laugh at your jokes. Use this arsenal in your kitty to draw her or him towards you, for who doesn’t like a partner who makes them laugh till their sides ache. Everyone loves a person who can make people around them laugh and can also take a joke or two on themselves as it shows their confidence in themselves and their intelligence.

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Oh…but do not take your humor the Chandler way as then you might most probably end up with a smack on your head! If you are good in your culinary skills, now is the time to use them. Invite them over for lunch or dinner while you ruffle up a good meal ala Master chef style and impress them. Nothing is sexier than a man cooking for a woman or a woman who can cook well.

Break the friend zone

Yes, we know you figured that being the friend first is your key to winning them over but you cannot let yourself stay in that zone for too long. Let them know that you are ready for your transition from that zone to something more. The man or the woman needs to know that you want to be something more than just a friend.

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Don’t be an open book, not just yet

Don’t give out just every single detail about yourself. Tell them just enough to make them curious and want to know about you. Everyone loves to solve a good mystery, so be that for them. And once they start to peel the layers of your charisma, your crush would fall for you for sure.

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Keep your conversation interesting

Find common ground and engage your crush in a topic which interests them and then you will find them seeking your company more and more. There is no harm doing a little homework too about their area of interest so that you have interesting stuff to contribute to the discussion. If she loves singing ask her about her favorite bands or if he loves movies tell him how you would love to see his favorite movie with him sometime.

So now you are ready to go on the mission of winning the heart of your crush. Let me know how if find these tips useful or not. Share the post with your friends who have a crush on someone. All the best. 🙂

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