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Essay on Importance of Trees in Our Life Information, Speech, Paragraph & Article

Importance of Trees in Protecting Environment and Daily Life Essay, Speech, Paragraph & Article

Going to our Nani/Dadi’s village for summer vacations is kind of annual ritual for all of us. Playing under the mango trees, climbing the banyan tree, “stealing” mangoes, tamarinds from someone garden is our kind of adventure. Isn’t it awesome that we really enjoy everything without needing any luxury like cars, bikes, videos games? Just the trees and us having all the fun. But have you ever wondered how our life would be without the trees? Just imagine our world, our life and this entire earth with not a single tree. That would be disastrous. Unfortunately, this disaster can be a reality if we do not protect and conserve our trees, forests and this entire universe. Students are frequently asked to write an essay or prepare a speech on the topics like “Importance of treen in our life”, “Importance of trees in protecting the environment”, “why trees are important for us etc”. The information in this article will definitely help you to write an essay or speech on the topic of Importance of Trees in our life. so let’s start.

Trees are the most important elements of our environment. Imagining our world without the trees is very horrible. But the reality is our world is pushing to the edge of extinction of our loving trees. That day won’t be long when there will be no more jungles, and parks to play. There will be no animals in the forests as their natural habitats are destroyed by us. The whole world will be like a hot furnace because of the global warming. Th whole atmosphere will be filled with poisonous gases produced by the factories and we will be breathing them. So, before anything of this happens, we have to protect our environment, trees, and forests. And for that, we have to understand how important and valuable the trees are for human survival.

Trees are the essential part of our environment. The rising population, industrialization, deforestation, and urbanization has caused problems like climate change, global warming, rising pollution, loss of natural habitats for animals, effects on the water cycle, effects on the carbon cycle and so many other diverse effects on the environment. Let’s discuss them in details.

Importance of Trees in Climate Change and Global Warming

Global warming is one of the biggest problems causing harm to our environment. The overall temperature of the rising every year which is causing deep effects on the environment, human population, and animals. The glaciers in the north and south poles are melting because of the global warming, creating Tsunami-like conditions which are very harmful to human life and nature. Trees are very important to maintain the balance of climate. Mangrove trees on the coastal help to protect from the large waves as well as they stop the soil erosion. Trees use Carbon Dioxide for photosynthesis and they produce pure oxygen in return. Carbon dioxide is one of the main Greenhouse gases which are causing global warming. Hence planting more trees will help curb the Carbon dioxide and control the global warming and climate change mitigation.

Have you felt that when you are surrounded by trees you feel colder than when you are not around trees? Yes, because trees help to cool down down the atmosphere and maintain lower atmospheric temperature and helping to reduce the global warming.

Importance of Trees in Reducing Pollution

Rising industrialization, use of fossil fuels, plastic usage, and deforestation has caused massive pollution in our atmosphere. Today our air, rivers, soil, and everything around us is polluted. You must be wondering how trees are going to reduce the pollution? Well, let me tell you. Trees absorb Carbon dioxide and other pollutants which are polluting our air and giving us the pure oxygen to breathe, hence helping to reduce the Air pollution. Planting more trees in urban areas like cities will help to reduce the pollution in urban areas where air pollution is higher as compared to the rural areas.

Trees hold the sold firmly with their roots, reducing the soil erosion and in a result, soil pollution is reduced. Reduced soil erosion will help to absorb more water into the earth surface resulting in increasing underground water levels and reduce water pollution. Shades of trees slow down the water evaporation from the earth surface, maintaining moisture in the soil as well as air.

Importance of Trees in Water Cycle and Carbon Cycle

You must have studied water cycle in your class. If not let me explain in a brief. When the water from the oceans, rivers, lakes evaporates, it goes high into the atmosphere in form of vapors where it is condensed and clouds are formed. These clouds cause rains and snowfalls. Due to precipitation, this water reaches on earth’s surface in form rain and snowfall where it is infiltrated in soil and surface runoff back to the oceans, rivers and lakes. Now you must be wondering how trees are going to help to improve the water cycle. As soon as the rain falls to the ground, trees begin to absorb the water into their bodies. Trees absorb water for photosynthesis and release excess water into the atmosphere through transpiration in form of moisture and this moisture helps in formation of clouds. Trees stop the rain water from directly hitting the ground soil and hence reducing the soil erosion. Trees help to increase the underground water levels. So, this is why trees are very important in improving water cycle.

Carbon is the basic building block of all life and the environment we live in. Carbon makes up 18% of our body and it is a major component of trees, plants and other non-living things like oil, rocks, air, natural gases, and coal. The exchange of carbon by living and non-living elements is called carbon cycle. Trees use Carbon Diodixe for photosynthesis and some amount of this carbon is released back into the atmosphere through respiration. The use of fossil fuels in vehicles, burning of wood releases the carbon from fuel and wood back into the atmosphere. This increased emission of carbon into the atmosphere my manmade action has spoiled the balance of the environment. Now let’s see how trees play an important role in the carbon cycle. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis reducing the carbon levels from the air. Hence trees are very important to maintain the carbon cycle.

Importance of Trees for Biodiversity

Forests are the home for thousands of species of animals, birds, and insects. The forests are the natural habitats of the animals where they are born, live and reproduce. The rising deforestation has destroyed the jungles, means there are no more natural habitats for wild animals.  Many species of animal shave become extinct a=beacuse of this. Planting more trees and reforestation will help to maintain and nurture the natural habits of animals where they can live and it will help to make the biodiversity in the forest vivid and safe.

Importance of Trees from Economic and Social Point of View

Forests are the main source of earning and survival of huge part of the population in the world. Planting more trees and forests will help them to create more opportunities for them to earn living. Trees like mango, pine, redwood, banyan, sandalwood, bamboo, coconut, rubber are commercially very useful trees. Many trees also have medicinal uses and planting those will help nature as well as humans too.


Protection and conservation of trees and forest the only way of human survival on earth. If we want to make this earth a better place to live then we need to stop cutting down the trees and start planting more trees. Every individual on this planet earth should be aware of the importance of trees and should contribute to conserving them.

I hope you guys liked the article. I hope you guys can help us to translate this article into regional Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujrathi and other. This essay is very useful for school like class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, and college students like class 11th, 12th for an essay, speech competitions on the various topics like “Importance of trees in Our Life”, “Importance of trees for human survival”, “Importance of trees in nature conservation” etc.

If you liked my humble attempt to provide information, then please let me know in the comment section below. You can also share your opinions and suggestions. Thank you. 🙂

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