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Importance of Technology in Education | Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Importance of Technology in Education Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Technology is penetrating in the social fabric of Indian society at an unprecedented rate. Around 70 percent of Indian population still living in rural areas and every business and government is targetting this market. Telcom, logistics, e-commerce, banking and even government service providers are trying to reach the last mile. Future is going to run on technology and that is why education systems also need to produce the capable resources to cater these new demands. There are countless reasons why technology needs to be adopted in the Indian education system.

Future Job Opportunities

As we said, every business sector from FMCG to e-commerce is trying to reach every town and village in India. Growth potential for business is immense as the customer is ready to receive the services; thanks to technology and internet penetration. But to render these services, businesses need tech-savvy or at least tech-aware resources.

Education systems produce these resources for industry, they need to adopt technology education to stay relevant to the demands of industry. Basic computing knowledge like MS Word, Excel, internet browsing is going to be an absolute need for jobs.

Quality of Education

Still, in India, mainly primary public school don’t have qualified teachers. It is very important to have a quality guidance and teaching methods at this stage. Technology can fill in this gap. Animation, simulation software, video and broadcasting services can provide quality education. Audio-Graphic content will make it easier for students to understand the topics better. Teacher’s role will be the coach and guide in this case.

There are numerous edu-tech startups flourishing in India and across the world. Schools don’t need to put efforts in developing them. They gamify learning, make explainer videos. Some edu-tech startups create simulations, animations which helps students to understand the concepts. We know that images are thousand times better than text, same way Video (audio-video, animations, simulations, infographics etc) are million times better than images. There is not a single reason why education systems should not take advantage of it.

Children Are Ready for Change

Children, teenagers across India are not alien to the technology. They have smartphones, 3G data connection, they google, they use social media networks. There will be very less change frictions, children can easily adapt to technology-based education.

Future Businesses will be Technology Driven

We are already observing a trend of online-only businesses, Automation, IOT, AI, AR, VR, digital products, and services, this trend is going to strengthen in coming years. Education systems can bring technology-aware curriculum in school which will build the basic foundation for these future entrepreneurs.

Reach and Distribution of Services

Generally, a single class in a school can entertain say 50 to 60 students at max. In India, it is a normal number but not optimal for students per class ratio for sure. Teachers are not able to give attention to these many students in a class. But with technology, thousands of students can be taught at the same time. Technology removes locale dependency, students can learn anytime they want, anywhere they want. Educational services can be rendered to thousands of students without location, teachers, capacity dependencies.

Taking Control

Education highly depends on teachers and institutions, they run the game. But with technology end users, the students can take control of their education. They can make use of online tutoring, exam prep, YouTube videos, educational games, app, websites, free content (like ours) to broaden their knowledge. Institutions need to contemplate these upcoming trends and needs to be proactive about it.

Education versus Learning

With basic education, one can get a good job and survive. But times are changing, now only education will not cater all needs. Students need to adapt to learning methods, not just education. Learning is a lifelong activity, a human needs to gain knowledge all the time. It can be technology, physics, relationship or communication, we need to keep learning. Students need to learn to gain knowledge, not just data or information. Knowledge is the key to success.Technology provides easy and readily available methods with which one can switch from education to learning, data to knowledge mode.

Technology in Education Administration

Not all realize that teachers are bombarded with dozens of other non-teaching responsibilities. They need to take care of exams, supervisions, paper checking, department administration, arranging school/college events, extracurricular activities, seminar, paper presentation. In India it goes beyond that, teachers need to help in general elections, government schemes, and other campaigns too. On top of it, they need to focus on their own career too like pursuing Ph.D., presenting a thesis and other things.

Time management, project management, ERP software which includes accounts, HR, finances and more can save there time so that they can focus on teaching. They can find time to work on new teaching methods, content presentations. If they get the time they can experiment. Technology should be used in educational administration to save that time and efforts. More relaxed teachers can teach better, can look into individual students queries better.

(I have personally seen this, it takes days to arrange a single meeting in university. They make agenda/memo, ask office boy to get signatures, he waits for hours. If there are changes in time, agenda, venue same cycle repeats. If a simple online meeting calendar is used (like Google Calendar which is a free tool) any meeting can be set up within 10 minutes. Such simple technologies can save a ton of time for educational institutions.)

LinkedIn can be used for college (on campus) placements. Cousera can be used to get advanced micro diplomas. Image recognition software or simple smart card based attendance system can save tons of time. Online paper checking can save big time and efforts of examination department.

Problems in Technology Adoption in Indian Educational Institutes


To avail all of the facilities technology can bring in education, they need to have a sound infrastructure. Computers, Laptops, Broadband Network, Simulators, Software licenses and more. These technologies costs. The government needs to subsidies technological integrations, education institution should take it as investments. This cost should not be forced down on students, who already take loans to pursue higher education.

Teachers and Administration Skill Upgrade

They need to make comfortable with relevant technology. Teachers, administrators need to give ample impetus to make them genuinely interested in this change. Older generation avoids change, this a big problem technological integration in schools and colleges.

Safety and Security

Technology brings its inherent safety and security obligations. Online services, portals, payment systems are prone to hacking attacks. They need expert people to handle the systems or machines. Government and institutes need o invest in this too.

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