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Importance of Schools in Our Life | Essay, Speech, Paragraph & Article

Importance of Schools in Our Life Essay, Speech, Paragraph & Article

Since the beginning of human existence, learning is the only thing that has helped the man to survive. We learn from the things around us, experience them and use that knowledge to do other tasks. Learning never stops in our whole life. We keep learning from the moment we are born till our last breath. Learning makes our life easy to live. Schools are the primary source of our knowledge and hence it plays a vital role in how we shape our lives. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of school in our life and how schools are very necessary to shape our future.

Have you ever wondered how our life would be if there were no schools in the world? A lot of questions must be running in your mind right now. How would have been we read and write? How could we gain the precious knowledge we have today? The list of questions won’t stop. Schools are the first things come to our mind when we talk about learning. Teachers spend their lives to give the precious knowledge to the students and shape them into the responsible and productive citizens of the society. From the initial days of our life till we the half of it, we spend our lives in school, colleges and universities. Schools help us to gain the necessary knowledge we need for our survival. School is the basic foundation of knowledge introduced to a child. And that is how the journey of education begins. I don’t have to tell you about the importance of education in our life. Without the education, we all would be just empty vessels without any knowledge. For a child, it is very necessary to be introduced to the school to gain the initial basic knowledge which will help him/her in the further life.

Importance of Schools as the Primary Source of Knowledge

When a child is born, the journey of learning starts from the moment he/she starts breathing. The child soon starts to crawl and eventually stands on the feet and walk. Soon enough the child utters the first words and starts to talk. This is the time when a child is introduced to the educational institution which is a school. School provide the child with knowledge from all around the world. From language, history, geography, civics to algebra, geometry, science and technology. Schools teach the students about the importance of health, nutrition and fitness to live a healthy disease-free life. Schools introduce the children  to the importance of good manners and habits and prepare them to live a better life. Children develop hobbies when they are in school. School helps them to refine these hobbies and possibly make a career out of it. The school libraries are like the treasures of the knowledge and this treasure is accessible for the students in the school.

Importance of Schools to Embrace Good Qualities

Schools shape a child into a responsible member of the society. Qualities of discipline, empathy, trust, honesty, teamwork, punctuality, friendship are learned in the school. These qualities will help the child to live the life in a healthy, wise and better way. Schools help the children to meet new people of their same age and socialize with them. Meeting new people will enhance their knowledge, experiences and help them to connect with the society. The friends which children make in the schools will be with them either until for next few years or maybe for the lifetime. The school uniform is followed so that there will no discrimination based on the clothes and in turn the financial conditions of the students. Because in school, all students are treated equally regardless of their financial conditions, religion, caste and ethnicity.  A child gets all the knowledge about the things around him and helps him/her to understand this world in a better way.

Importance of School to Protect and Conserve the Nature

Rising human actions like deforestation, industrialization, pollution and urbanization have damaged the environment to a large extent. This damage is unrecoverable. Schools teach the students about our environment and nature. Students learn how to protect the nature, which things would harm the environment and how to avoid them. Schools prepare the children as the future caretaker of the environment and pass on that knowledge to the next generation. The knowledge about conserving the nature is very necessary as if the environment is not protected now then there will be no nature to live on the earth for the future generations.

Importance of School to Shape the Future of the Society

Children are the future citizens of our society. These students will be the politicians, leaders, scientists, artist, businessmen in future. It is very necessary to teach them the life lessons and shape their mind when they are in school. Teaching them qualities like teamwork, trust, sacrifice, empathy, honesty, discipline will make them better leaders and good citizens of the society in a broader sense. Schools are necessary to guide the students and make them wise enough to make better life choices in their future.


Schools are the stepping stones for the children in their journey of seeking the knowledge. Schools shape the future of our society by shaping the minds of the children. It is very important for children to attend school to gain knowledge, embrace good qualities and for personal growth. Because one thing people can’t take away from you is your knowledge.

Tips for the Essay on Importance of School in Our Life

  1. Essays generally have three main parts which are an introduction, paragraph 1, paragraph 2 and conclusion so divide your content into these three main sections logically.
  2. Don’t interrupt the flow between the sections.
  3. Conclude your topic in 2-4 lines but that lines must be inspiring.
  4. Make use of dark ink pen.
  5. It is ok if your handwriting is not good but at least, try to keep your essay neat and clean.

Tips for the Speech on Importance of School in Our Life

  1. Don’t just mug up the speech. Try to add your views and thoughts and describe it in your own words.
  2. Speech acts as a medium to convey your message. So while giving a speech, your hand movements and gesture will convey your emotions in the better way.
  3. Avoid mumbling and make less use of fillers as it will create a bad impression on the audience and you may feel less confident.
  4. Maintain eye contact with the audience.
  5. Be audible to all the audience. Being loud will increase your confidence.
  6. If you have stage fear then try simple exercise at home. Just stand in front of the mirror and start speaking so that you will get know your mistakes and it will increase your confidence.

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