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We got only one life and we need to respect it. We should have some purpose in life, we need to realize the importance of life. Are we here just to eat, drink, survive and die one day, or is there a greater purpose to our life?

Any life on this planet is not designed to live individually. We human beings described as social animals, there is a reason for that. We have designed like that, we cannot survive or enjoy the life alone. Whoever created us, whatever we call it God, Creator, Mother Earth, Nature, Evolution or Big bang, created us as a social animal.

When we cannot fathom alone we formed groups and work together towards survival and success. This is the core of evolution of the earth. More joined and then societies formed, then they got rules, affection, friendship and love between them and that is how we evolved over millennia.

But in recent time we don’t value our own life and others too. We spend all of our lives to earn more and more money and die one day. We don’t realize the importance of life. Life is short, we need to enjoy it and let others enjoy it too. Money can buy pleasures and facilities but money can’t buy happiness. That doesn’t mean that one should not strive for money. Money is very important but it is not the goal of life.

We need to have work-life balance, we need to value relationships. Life is simple we complicate it. Greed, temptation, ego drives one to be self-centric and selfish and in the process, we undermine others lives.

There is a simple rule, if you want respect then you need to respect others. If you want to be loved you also need to love them. It’s as simple as that, it’s a simple give and take proposition.

Recently I watched a video on youTube, where a person filmed a truck accident which was carrying fish. In the video, I saw people were stuffing up their polythene bags with fish, they were pushing each other so that they can have it more but no one was going forward to help a driver who was heavily injured in the accident.

We often see in the news that a man opens fire on little, innocent children, terrorist killing innocent, unarmed people for their propaganda or for religious and communal ideologies. Hospitals play with patients life for money, death insurance claims treat deaths as a financial transaction. We also listen mass killing, ethnic cleansing, agenda 21, Illuminati like news; this planet is becoming a horrible place.

Likewise, we don’t value the life of plants, trees, animals, and birds. We cut jungles for own benefits which displace and affect the lives of thousands of birds and animals. We eat animals and birds like their lives don’t matter at all.

All of this will not happen if we value others life. Everyone’s life is important like our loved ones or our own.

Humanity is at such juncture where there nothing left as HUMAN in it. Is there any hope for humanity, is there any chance? Yes, its there, it’s with you and me, with everybody. People like us need to come forward and spread awareness, make videos, write essay and article about it. We should do all that is possible in our capacity to value other and own life.

Life is beautiful, Live it, Enjoy it and let others too.

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