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Importance & Impact of Internet – A Short Essay, Speech, Paragraph & Article

Importance Internet Impact gd speech essay short

Well, if you are from older generation then you might say the internet is a curse for the young generation. I will not say that you are completely wrong, yes there are bad things happening over the Internet; that’s the truth. We should not ignore the reality. But don’t you think that happens with every technology or even with every human emotion too.

There are always two sides to the coin. And what I believe is we should be optimistic about it. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the importance of Internet. Let’s focus on the brighter side of it. In another article will talk about problems and misuse of the Internet. I will provide the link here soon.

Everybody uses the internet these days, mainly teenagers and youth. “Importance of Internet” is a classic topic for speeches, essay and paragraph writing in schools and colleges. You can even expect this topic for group discussion (GD) round in your interview process. Here we have given a sample speech and essay which you can refer for your homework or assignments.

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A Short Essay on Importance of the Internet

In today’s world, the internet is the simplest and cheapest way to connect with people across the world. Because of the internet whole world became a big family. We learn about issues and problems of people from the different state, country, community. We can show our support to them. You help the world in a sense by supporting movements, with answers, advice, guidance, by supporting changes, petitions etc. You can even help somebody by just answering on Quora.

Technically, the Internet is a technology with which IP-based devices can connect to each other. Today, almost everybody has a smartphone and the 3G / 4G in it.

The Internet is not connecting only two machines; it is connecting humans across the world and that’s the sunnier side of it.

I am a student from India; I can see the actual lectures taught in oxford University. I can see the animated version of human anatomy or nuclear fusion. I came to know about the Singularity, Quantum Physics from YouTube. Who made it possible? It’s the Internet. Yes, there are the bad thing happening over the Internet but those are very less compared to the opportunities brought in by the Internet. It’s up to you, how you want to use it. There are means and ways to use the internet safely, it’s very easy to give excuse and say it is bad. We can simply enjoy the opportunities presented by the Internet and be safe along with it.

I am pro Technology and pro-Internet person. We are the new generation who want to take up opportunities, ready to face the challenges and to deal with the consequences. The Internet can solve problems, all that matters is how you want to use it.

So, let’s come together and use the technology to eradicate poverty, hunger, and inequality from the society. God bless the Internet.

A short Speech on Importance of Internet

Respected teachers, chief guest, and all the attendees I would like to greet you a very good morning. Today, we are celebrating National Science Day and I have given the responsibility to talk about the Internet and its impact on human society.

Let’s talk about pessimistic people first, you will always find people around you who will say that the internet is a bad, and it is destroying the whole generation. I would say it’s an exaggeration.

They see the world from other side and simply ignore the opportunity offered by it. With help of Internet, one can learn a lot of things online. And can use this knowledge for the betterment of the society. It’s up to you, it’s up to me how we want to use it. The Internet is not evil; people are. So let’s not blame the Internet without thinking, considering all the possible sites of it.

I use the Internet for my education. I have learned to code on the Internet. You must be wondering how am I helping the society? I am glad to tell you that I am using these learnings to build an app which will help farmers to get a weather forecast, soil conditions and other agriculture-related news and updates. Don’t you think it is useful to the society? We are the generation who use WhatsApp, Facebook Snapchat Instagram, various social networks but we also build apps and systems to help society.

Kindly help yourself to note that there will be people who always try to draw us back but if we are determined then we can use the internet, technology to solve big problems in the society

On this positive note, I would like to end my short speech and hope that someone of you who had a negative perception about the Internet is convinced that indeed the Internet is a boon, not a bane.

I would like to thank principal sir for arranging the speech competition and giving me opportunity express my views. Thank you, happy surfing.

Tips for Speech Delivery

  1. Never make up the things, don’t just copy paste the speech. Try to learn the things about the topic and add emotions on top of it. With these ingredients, you will have a great script with which you can win any speech or essay competition.
  2. Generally, in speech competitions, everybody would give you stats, numbers and data about the topic, if you want to be different then you got to talk about the real problems and their innovative solutions.
  3. If you are not confident about public speaking, if this is the first time you are speaking in front of live audience then you better practice in front of friends or at least in front of mirror

We have given the article in such a format that you can use it for essays speech or even for paragraph writing. I have seen people looking for the information in a different variety of lengths. Someone wants it in 100, 200, 250, 300, 500 words of the length. Rather than repeating the same information with a little bit of different vocabulary we have tried to give you a core information. We know that you are a smart enough to convert it into a different kind of formats.

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