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Here in this article, we have given a speech on honesty is the best policy. Though it’s a speech you can use most of the part as essay too, this sample essay/speech given in story format, so it fits in for both purposes. If you want to a write a short note, article or paragraph then also you can make use of this information. You need to understand the overall idea of the topic and use it wisely as per required format. So, let’s get started.

Esteemed Chief guest, Principal sir, teachers, staff members, and friends; a very warm greeting to you all. Today I am here to speak about the importance of honesty in life. As we all know our elders teach us a lot of good things, same is the story of mine. My granny has a great influence on me, I have a learn a lot of things from her. With your permission, principal sir, I would like to express my views on the topic which she taught me.

Twice a year we go to our native place, my grandmother stays there; she doesn’t like city environment. Like all grannies, she also tells us stories but all of her stories end with a line honesty is the best policy. This time I braved to ask her, why you always say Honesty is the best policy when I see the world full of scams, deceits, crimes. I continued, “all these corrupt people have a plethora of money, they enjoy all facilities and luxury, then how honesty is the best policy? She smiled and said, now you are mature enough to understand, so I will tell you a couple of things. And that is the topic of today’s speech, is honesty is the best policy?

Yes, it is true that; people who lie and dupe other people and government are the one who bags good amount of money. They buy all the luxury and amenities. They possess magnificent mansions and expensive cars and they live an extravagant life. They have branded clothes and their children spend lakhs on parties. But the question to ask here is, are they happy? One might say, they got all that will make them happy. Ask yourself, can money buy happiness. Are luxury and happiness is one and the same thing?

If you have lied to somebody, if you have done something wrong then you cannot have peaceful sleep. You might show-off fake smile and your wealth to the world, but deep down you cannot be happy. When you start a thing with lies then you need tell one more lie to cover it up and one more.. so on and so forth. Whether it’s money, business, relationship, friendship all should start on the foundation of truth and trust or else someday it is going to fall off, for sure.

Unfortunately, it is also true that people who are honest, who really believe in honesty is the best policy may not enjoy abundant money and pleasures one can buy only with money. Most of the honest people around me are earning good enough to survive, their kids don’t wear branded clothes and spend in lakhs. But they are a bunch of happy family. They eat and sleep peacefully. They are not afraid to somebody or something, they haven’t lied to anybody or done something wrong. Each of them is happy and fun loving, they enjoy the life in simple things. This is what my granny explained me.

When I endorse honesty is the best policy then I need to be fair with you people. Let me tell you one truth, I haven’t prepared this speech on my own. I browsed the internet read couple of speeches and essay on honesty and took some part of it. But it is also true that I didn’t just copy pasted the online material. I thought about it, I looked around myself and added my own experience in it.

Lies, scams can be the shortcuts to get money but cannot the formula for happiness. It is up to us, the new generation to decide whether to lie, cheat and earn money or truly believe that honesty is the best policy. In few years, we will be out there and face real life, when we will start this new life we should start it on principle of truth and honesty. And to do that we need to implement this policy now.

Sometimes we don’t acknowledge that we are not honest and we say small lies don’t count. Those little lies may get some miniscule works done for the time being but it a disastrous habit in long term. You get a habit of it and then you don’t even know when you are being dishonest. We need to start working on it now, then only we will be honest in later life.

Tips for writing an Essay

  1. There are various types of essay writing, few of them are descriptive, narrative etc. Choose the suitable essay type for given topic and then only start writing
  2. Generally, essay consists of 3 main parts, introduction or opening paragraph, then core section and finally the conclusion.
  3. In the opening paragraph, you should introduce the topic of the essay to the reader. Then in core section, you will describe, explain, pursue your reader.
  4. The conclusion should be one paragraph, where we will summarize complete argument, idea, experience, situation given in essay. Do not bring in new ideas in conclusion session.

Tips for Speech Delivery

  1. To deliver a great speech, you need to confident as a person and on top of that, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the speech topic.
  2. Do not just copy paste speech, you can use it as reference material. Learn from it and write your own speech, that way you will remember it, you don’t need to mug it up then.
  3. Try to have ups and downs in speech as per tone of the speech. Observe how great orators speak they have high and lows in tone, sometimes a pause on correct time can speak better than words.
  4. Here is the trick to remember speech: do not try to memorise the entire speech script word by word. It will be better if you dissect it into paragraphs then remember them.

I hope you like our speech cum essay on honesty is the best policy, if so don’t forget to leave a comment for us. We like to read your comments.

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