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If you always feel like sleeping in your history class, because you think it is too boring, then this article is going to blow your mind. And I bet you won’t feel like sleeping in your next history class again. You must be wondering how learning history is going to help in the present. All those things have happened in past; what I have to do with it? Well, buddy, our history helps us to give insights into the past, so that we can use that knowledge to make our present better and our future brighter. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance and significance of history in our life, why is it necessary to learn and study history as a subject in school? how history helps a nation in the economic development? and how history helps our society and the whole humankind to learn from the past and make the future better? So after reading this article, you won’t be asking why we have to study history. So, let’s start.

History is the study of important events in the past of society, nation and the world. History helps us to gain the knowledge about the past of the things around us and how the world has become as we see it today. History is a very important part of our society and human civilization. History tells us about our evolution from a single cell organism to an intelligent human being. History tells us about the formation of this universe. How the kings, emperors and their empires rose and perished. With the help of history, we compare our present to our past and predict our future by avoiding the mistakes in the past and learning from it. Our history is very important for various aspect of our world like our society, schools, culture and in a broader sense our nation.

Importance of History for Students as a Subject in School and as an Academic Discipline

Schools are the primary source of the knowledge for students. Students study many subjects in school and history is one them. Many people debate on the inclusion history subject in the school curriculum of students. Is it necessary to make the history subject compulsory for students to study? Well it is. It is necessary for students to learn and study history subject. History teaches us about the past of our local regions, surroundings, culture and historic moments and events in the past of our country and the world. History promotes patriotism and shapes the minds of students to become better members of the society. By not just reading, students in schools are also shown various historical video documentaries, schools have history rooms, clubs to make students more interested in the history. By studying history we understand the values on which our nation is standing, how our nation faced the huge problems, tackled them and emerged as a strong nation.

Studying history helps us to understand the reasons behind the actions taken by an individual, group of people or a nation during an important historical event or moment. We draw conclusions from those studies and use that knowledge in the betterment of our life. History means exploring unknown and hidden things in past. And some students find it very adventurous and interesting. History is all about analysing the events, reasons, circumstances behind them and the consequences and results after the event. By studying history students learn essential skills like research expertise, data analysis, and evaluation skills. These skills can be useful in fields other than history too. The best skill you can learn from the history is the leadership skills. There were so many brave and ambitious leaders in the history of the world, who changed the course of things in the past and made their place in the history. Students can learn qualities like sacrifice, empathy, bravery, and trust from those leaders.

Importance of History as a Professional Discipline

Studying history is an essential part of good liberal arts education. Our history gives us the indispensable knowledge of our origin and who we are. As a discipline, history is the study of the past. In other words, historians study the history and draw valuable knowledge from it. And to do so, they find the evidence about the past, ask questions of that evidence, and come up with explanations that give knowledge of what the evidence says about the particular people, events, places, and time period. As it is impossible for one historian to study the history of all people, events, regions and time periods, historians develope sub-studies in the specific discipline of the history. They study the history of particular people, time period, region or event. They also choose different approaches to study the discipline from the different point of views. They analyze the aspects of past, interpret it and draw knowledge out of it. Hence the knowledge is always new, fresh and it keeps evolving, adding new facts to the existing information.

The study of history is very important for the professionals in the discipline of historical studies. The research of the historians is highly valuable and it is accepted as the true source of knowledge and facts about our history. And hence it is very important for the historians to make perfect interpretations of the historical studies of people, events, region and time period.

Importance of History for a Society and Humankind

As the famous quote says, “Past is the best teacher”, history indeed teaches us a lot of useful lessons which can be useful in our daily life. History teaches us to be brave, fight against the injustice and cruelty, come together to fight against a mutual goal and many more. Studying history helps to understand the origin of many things like cultures, geographical landscaped, monuments, languages and people. The sense of knowing our own origin fills us with satisfaction and proud of our country, culture and the traditions. History emphasizes patriotism. The wars fought in the history was for the love of the nation. History teaches us to love our country and contribute to its development. By learning about our history, we become better citizens of the society and contribute to the social activities like voting, community work, etc.

We can learn from the mistakes made by the people in history and avoid them to make our present fruitful. One such example of a historic mistake is that the king used to be the centre of all power and the citizens needed to follow the commands of kings or else they would be punished. This became the reason for the demise of many kings and empires and even caused the wars. We learned from this mistake and formed a better way governance which is the democracy.

Importance of History for the Tourism Industry

Our monuments are the symbols of our rich history and culture and possess great historic importance. People around the world visit these monuments to learn about the historic events, moment and how those monuments become the symbols of the history. We have preserved our monuments to preserve our culture and heritage. Tourism, due to its position as the world’s largest and most dynamic industry, has drawn contributions from diverse disciplines in social science. Historic monuments are the first choice for travellers and tourists to visit.

The tourism industry helps people to get knowledge about the historic and cultural heritage around the world. The monuments are well preserved by the government. There is local guiding personnel who help the tourists and travellers and give them knowledge about the place and its significance. In order to make history tourism popular among the tourist, governments should take necessary action and launch new campaigns to promote tourism in the historic places and monuments. It is the responsibility of the citizens, and tourists too to not indulge in any activity which will damage or harm the integrity and beauty of the historic place or monument. Our historic places and monuments are our treasure and we should protect them.

Importance and Value of History in Economic Development and Nation Building

Every nation in the world has its own history and past. This history has a large influence on the various components of the nation such as businesses, people, language, culture and heritage. We learn from our mistakes in the past. We can use the life lessons from our history, the mistakes which were done in the history and try to avoid them again in present and future. Knowing our history and cultural heritage is very important for any nation. The history of a nation has a great impact on the present situation of the nation.

Various sector of the government and the businesses in the country can use the knowledge gained from their history, evaluating them with the current scenarios and predicting the future to make better decisions. The nation who is aware of its history and origin stands firm and confident in front of the world. Ethics, tactics used for the business and trading in the history are still used in the current businesses. The military can interpret the battle and warfield tactics and techniques used by the kings and emperors to empower the military operations. For example, the Guerrilla warfare techniques from the history are still used in the military forces.


History is the indispensable part of our civilization. It gives us the knowledge about the origins of almost everything happening around us. Studying history subject in the school helps students to gain knowledge about the important events and moments in the history of their country and around the world. Having a strong foundation of knowledge of history helps in the nation building. And if we want to create a bright future for us then we have to keep learning from our history.

Tips for Writing Essay on Importance of Makar Sankranti

  • Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion. Don’t use headers in the essay.
  • Try to maintain a flow between sections. Carry forward a point from the last paragraph and then take it forward.
  • An essay should have a conclusion or summary. No need to be positive all the time for conclusion, it can be a mix of both positive and negative.

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