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Importance of Family in Our Life| Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph for School Students


Family always stand by us no matter what. When everything falls apart, the family is the last resort we seek. But when everything is going smooth, we ignore the family. We take it for granted, we don’t find time for them. We run after money, success, pleasures, and ambitions; all these things are part life and important too. But, aren’t we doing it all for the family?

We, humans, are social animals, we are designed like that. We can’t stay happy alone for a long time. One might have all he/she desires, but without relationships and family, it feels empty.

In today’s times, we have nuclear families where young couples make a separate home from parents. It is not wrong, it’s need of current times and it is justified too. But over the time it creates a distance between family. We lose the love, experience, advice, and support of elderly.

The situation is little different in western countries, children leave home early. There are advantages of this family structure too. Young people start to earn and live on their own. They learn nuances of life at an early stage. They become confident and independent. But in the process, the bond between family weakens. They get busy in their life, don’t find time for parents and other family members. They start their own family and later their children also do the same thing.

After one stage when parents become older, they cannot take care of themselves. Then they go to old age homes where they live on social benefits, pensions etc. Children make rare visits. This is the real issue in developed countries, Japan is one such country facing this issue. This trend or family structure creates a nonrecoverable divide in families thus in societies too.

That doesn’t mean that joint family is the solution. It was a prominent family structure in countries like India. All immediate family members stay and eat together. The joint family also have its advantages and disadvantages. You find support, advice, and experience of elderly. You help, guide young ones. But the same time each person has different aspirations, and expectations. More the people more will be the possible conflict.

There is no golden rule or ultimate solution for family system, but same time there no replacement for family support and love too. We have to take positive points from all family structures and form a family structure which will be suitable for us and our family members. End of the day we are social animals, we need people around us, real people not social media friends, fan or followers. We need to give time to our family, we should cherish moments spent with them.

We tend to spend more time social media than with real humans. On mothers day many people take selfies with their mother to post it online, but not all wish her or help her daily chores. We are living in such hypocritic world, it’s time to introspect a bit.

There is no support like family, we may disagree, have a difference of opinion, we might fight sometimes but the end of the day, family matters. Think about it.

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