Are You a Hypocrite Indian Teenager?

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Well, I am not proud to say this but “We” Indians are hypocrites in some sense or other. When I say “We” I am counting myself there. The worst thing is that we think that, I am authentic and others are hypocrites. And that is the best example of hypocrisy itself.

You may ask if you counting yourself as a hypocrite then why the heck you are judging others, right? Yes, you got a valid argument. But I am not trying to judge others, all I am trying to do is to see the mirror with an open mind and requesting you guys to see it yourself. So that we can debate about it, try to do something about it. If we don’t acknowledge the problem, then how we can solve it.

Why I am limiting this question to teenagers only. Because we are the generation in making. If we are sorted on this, then definitely next generation will carry it forward from us. We need to be that change. *We are young, we are early adopters, we are watching the world, we can be trendsetters; together we can change India for good.

* Note: I am not a teenager by age, I am 30. But I share same kinda thinking, energy and adrenaline rush as of you guys. I hope you guys will allow me to be one amongst you.

Let us see some key points where we actually show our double standards. I afraid, I may not be able to write all that I wanted to say for each topic because then this article will become too big to read.


We know that Indians face racism in western countries and we condemn it. We argue that the world is open now, all should be treated equally. But we are the same people who can’t see people from other Indian states in our state. Do you remember UP-Bihar-Maharashtra stuff? You may say it is not racism as we all Indians are from the same race. Whatever is it? But people do discriminate others based on their roots or physical appearance. What we say about people from Assam, Mizoram? That is racism.

Unknown Source

Let’s do one comparison. Western countries mostly see an influx from Asia, Africa, and Middle east. They take their jobs, enjoy social schemes and all. What if we get a big influx of Africans or Indonesians etc. What if we will be competing with them for jobs and government benefits? How will we react?


India still is a dirty country. You don’t agree with me, just take a walk around your place for 10 mins, you will see it. We like all those exotic foreign locations, their beauty, and cleanliness. When we go there we don’t spit on road or litter. Why then we litter in our own country?

Let’s blame the government for this. Yes, the government has a big share for not having enough resource for it. But they are not the only culprit, we are also responsible. In those beautiful countries, their citizens themselves don’t litter on roads. They accept strict fines and regulations for cleanliness. Can we handle such strict rules and regulation?

Google Maps Street View of Singapore

This is not a high street edited pic from Singapore, it is one of internal road (from Google Maps). Singapore is one of the cleanest country in the world. Do you know that selling chewing gum was not allowed in Singapore until few year back. Now also limited brands who call their product as medical products allowed in Singapore. You will get it from pharmacy only and you need to give your details for same. People who spit in a public place get fine of nearly Rs. 40,000. For small scale litter like cigarette butts and chocolate wrappers, you can be fined for Rs. 8000 and for repeat offence Rs. 40,000.

Can we welcome this kinda fine in India?

Reference: wsj.com


Jumping signals, honking is like routine stuff to us. Do we follow discipline? We blame others. We complain about auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers, they complain about RTO constables who complain about the system in whole, system complains about government and government complains about people participation. A complete circle isn’t it?

Do you know the thing where all Indian from the different cast, color, creed and state work in tandem? Jumping the traffic signal. If we show at least 50% of that unity then nothing can stop India to be a developed nation.


I was in Muscat, Oman. If you jump signal or over speed, then your number plate get captured by scanners on the road and you get a minimum of Rs. 2500 fine. And if you don’t pay this fine online then you cannot leave the country. Airports have this check in the immigration process. No big or small personality can dodge it.

We demand road safety and disciple but we only break the rules.

Education System

We always complain about Indian education system. Well, definitely it is not best in this world. But who is stopping you from learning it over the internet? Now you have a tremendous amount of stuff on the Internet. A terrorist learns how to assemble a bomb from the internet and we keep complaining about the system.

There is much more to talk about it, but we have a limited scope of the article.

What I am trying to say is, Yes, we have problems and countries have their own problems. But rather than blaming someone else bear the responsibility and solve it. And to solve it we should change ourselves first.

What do you think guys?

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