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How to Give Best Welcome Speech, Sample Introduction in English

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Representing Your Organization

First and foremost; always remember your welcome speech is going to set the tone of the event. Most of the time you are representing your organization when you go to the podium to give a welcome remark, except when you are hosting an informal event like get together, reunions, birthday party, wedding reception etc. So, at formal events like an annual day, sports day, farewell party, teacher’s day you got to carry their tone, voice, mannerism while delivering the welcome address.

Who is it for?

Remember, though you are welcoming the guest, objective of it is to introduce them to the audience. Remember your audience is important here. Do not introduce guests to themselves or other guests, it is for your audience. They are going to listen to their speeches and guidance. Always keep the audience at center while writing your welcome address.

Style & Data

On top of that, your style of delivering the welcome speech totally depends on types of event, the interest of the audience or agenda of the event. One must study all these aspects beforehand, try to take help of organizing committee in this. You need to welcome chief guests, guest of honors, outside schools, colleges, teachers, speakers (depends on types of event you are hosting) etc. Try to collect the correct information about them, their achievements and affiliation etc; you don’t want to make blunder while welcoming the guests, right?


Please note that, don’t just copy paste any welcome speech script from the internet, not even one given here. Below we have a given a sample annual day welcome speech in Hindi and English, these scripts will not suit for each and every event. It all depends on types of event and other circumstances. What you can do is, get overall idea from these speech samples and write your own welcome speech from scratch. That is the best to write a good welcome speech. There is one more advantage of doing this when you copy somebody else’s speech you need to recite it but when you write it yourself you automatically remember it, or at least it will become a lot easier.

On more thing, I am not a big fan of reciting, mugging up speeches. The audience instantly disconnects from you when you start speaking from notes. You will sound like robot If you read it every 3 seconds from notes. This may be a safe option some serious formal events but when it comes to delivering a speech it has to come from the heart.


If there is an expected action required from the audience like donating money, joining organizing, memberships, volunteering for causes etc then you must motivate the audience to do same. Brief them about the project or the cause behind the event.


Do not stretch the welcome speech more than 3 minutes or else your audience will get bored at the start of the event only. To accommodate your speech in 3 minutes, you need to practice it, rehearse it several times.

Sample Welcome Speech in English for school and college students

Note: Here we are taking an example of Annual Day Celebration of the school

Honorable chief guest, invited dignitaries, respected Principal, teachers, parent and my dear friends a pleasant good morning to you all.

The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it.

Our school, XYZ International school set difficult goals for itself and today we achieved it. Today we are here to celebrate 10th Annual Day of our school, a decade of hard work brought us to this milestone. Though we have crossed this milestone there is much more to achieve and we have raised the bar of our own expectations. It is our honor to welcome you all who are here to celebrate this solemn occasion with us.

Today we have an eminent personality within us, Dr. Savitri Jha. She is State Academician and ardent supporter of digital learning. She headed the committee of “Digital Schools” for our state and successfully implemented projects in 23 schools, which are enjoying the latest digital facilities. She is not just helping students and schools with her work but she also runs an NGO for underprivileged kids who can’t afford basic education. We are graced with your presence, Dr. Savitri Jha.

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.

Our respected principal sir is the living example of leadership, he proved it not just with his ideas but with actions; he is an icon, role-model for us. His recent academic and extracurricular initiatives helped our school to won many accolades. He is a driving force in implementing digital education in our school. I would like to extend my hearty welcome to Mr. Praksha Varma.

I would also like to welcome all parent. Half of the student’s education happens at home and you, parents do that job perfectly which help us to advance it to next level. Welcome you all.

Now I would like to welcome all teachers and non-teaching staff. Our school achieved this great milestone and this was not possible without your contribution. Your commitment, resilience, patience helped the school to build its strong foundation brick by brick.

And finally, I am delighted to welcome all of my friends, students of XYZ school. this school is nothing without you, your achievement and success. Whatever school tried to do you have turned it into the gold. You all are at the centre of all these achievements. I welcome you all to this annual day celebration.

Now I would like to call upon Komal for felicitation program. Thank You.

Tips for Welcome Speech

  1. No welcome speech should be more than 3 minutes
  2. Make a list of people you are going to welcome. If the individual list of very big then group them accordingly, means instead of calling names, welcome them with group names like speakers, teachers, parents, participants etc.
  3. Start with the people seating on the dias and then important people from the first row.
  4. You also need to brief attendees about all programs lined up for them. you must include it in the welcome note.
  5. You can start the speech with famous but relevant quotes. Quotes add depth to speech if used at right place with right context.
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