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Tassel! Tassel! Tassel! Everywhere tassels and Pom pom are booming. What is this tassel? It is nothing but a group of short threads or ropes held together at one end, used as a hanging decoration on hats, curtains, furniture, etc. Tassels are used from ancient days but now they are back again. Tassel is the fashion trend of 2017 in India and all over the world. They give a completely different look and feel to the things. There are several different ways to use these tassels. They can be used with many things such as home decor things, accessories, footwear, dresses and many more. In this article we will see how these DIY tassels can be used with the dresses.

Pom pom is another thing that is booming in the fashion world today. In India, Pom poms are used from many years. They were used in door hangings, home decor things and many more. Now pom pom are back again in trend. They can be used with accessories, dresses and footwear. Like tassels, pom pom can be used in different ways. To know how to make pom pom take a look here.

Making tassels is very easy. It takes only 5 minutes to make a tassel. There are few steps in making of tassel which will result in a beautiful delicate tassel. There are various types of tassels like silk tassel, embroidery tassel, chain tassel, leather tassel, beaded tassel etc. To know how to make these various tassels, click on the given links. Once you are ready with the tassels and pom pom of beautiful colors like black, gold, pink, blue and many more, then you only need to attach them to your dress. Let’s see how to attach tassels and pom pom to different dresses.

Tassels & pom pom can be attached to shorts, one piece dress, crop top, shrug, scarf etc. Here are the tips for making your dresses look beautiful with the tassels & pom pom.

Shorts can be made more interesting with the tassels. You only need to get some tassels and pom pom with you and a needle & thread for attaching them to the shorts. Take a lace and stitch the tassel or pom pom to it. And now stitch that lace to the ends of shorts. You can also stitch the lace at end of the front pocket of shorts. This will give completely different and new look to your shorts. So get your shorts ready and flaunt them.

One piece dress and Kurtis can also be reincarnated with tassel or pom pom. Get the lace with tassels or pom pom done and stitch it to your dress wherever you want like at neckline, ends, side-cut, waist, sleeves or any pattern you want. Making different color combinations of these tassels or pom pom will make the dress look fabulous. These dresses can be paired up with tasselled sandals to complete the attire.

Tassels and pom pom can also be attached to the crop tops. The lace with tassels or pom pom will look attractive at the end of that crop top which will be at your waist or belly. The crop tops are already attractive but adding the tassels or pom pom to them will be like adding the cherry on the cake. White pom pom or black tassels will match up with any color. You can then use the same lace with different dresses or tops.

Shrug and scarfs or Dupattas can become attractive with tassels or pom pom. Once the lace with your favourite colors of tassel and pom pom is ready then you can stitch it to any of your clothing in any pattern you want. You can make this lace to be used with different clothes. Instead of stitching the lace you can use some clips or hooks to attach it to the dress and remove it easily. This will make a DIY tassel or pom pom lace for you which you can use with any of your dress.

The DIY tassel and pom pom can be used with different dresses in various ways. Only you need to do is make the tassels or pom pom and attach them to the lace. This lace will work as an add-on to your dress which will surely help you to flaunt yourself. So get it ready and be the first in your city to slay them with these tassels and pom pom.

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