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How to Write Annual Day Celebration Report for School, College

Write Annual Day Report for Schools or Colleges

Annual day report is the medium for a principal or head of department to show the performance of your institution, school or department to the people to whom it matters. Annual day report can be presented to your school’s education society authorities, trustees, etc. The Same way college annual report can be shown to vice-chancellor or dean of the college. It is a very important activity for you as head of the institution. You might spend a lot of time to collect data about students’ performance, teachers training programs, sports achievement, and such information. But if you don’t present it in the appealing form then all the effort will go in vain. Hence in this article, we are telling you about how to write an annual day report for your school or college.

Here in this article, we will be helping you to create your annual day report or yearly performance report. On top of that, we will give you the sample speech for annual report presentation. I have written this article in a speech format. Students or other hosts will start the annual day event and after the chief guest’s speech, you should present your school’s or college’s annual report.

How to Write Annual Day Celebration Report for School, College?

Good Morning all, I would like to welcome you all distinguished guests, teachers, students, and staff members. Because of you only we can pull off this event.

I am Mrs. Pooja Dhaar, Principle of XYZ school presenting our annual report for the year 2016. It’s been a great year, we have a lot of good news and stories to share. Before going further let me tell you that our students have done a tremendous job, not only in academics but in extra-curricular activities too.

Let me start with our teacher’s achievement for the year 2016. Prof. Sinha attended the international EduTech conference last month in Dubai. He brought a lot of new information from the conference. Based on that we are in the process of going towards Digital Classrooms.

Mrs. Rekha Talwar scored A grade in MSCIT Exams and now she teaches the computer operation to class 8 and 9th students. We also came to know that she learned the C computer programming language on her own. We are in the process of sending her to professional C, C++ course. After that, we can introduce a basic programming course in our school curriculum.

I am delighted to tell you that last year we had 100% SSC result. On top of that very talented Sudhir Krishan came first in the state. He is now pursuing a diploma in Aeronautics. Our school chess team won the interschool competition where 22 players participated. Our current SCC students are using online exam practice portal for their exams preparation.

We also had a personality development program for our teachers. Teacher reaction was positive about the training. We can see the difference in their overall personality now. We are planning more such event in the near future.

We have some updates about infrastructure too. We have built two new classrooms and renovated biology lab. We have also bought 500 more books for the library and 200 books were donated by the alumni association.

There is one more development that I would like to share with you all. We will be having our school website for the first time. Once launched students can see their results, time table, syllabus, notices online. We will be using an ERP for back-office administrative and admission work too.


Before concluding this annual day report I would like to congratulate all those achievers who made all us proud. We should have a big round of applaud for them. And at last, I would like to thank all our eminent guests for their precious time.


Tips for Annual Day Celebration Report Writing

Here are some tips which will help you while writing the annual day report in school, college.

  • It will be better if you present an annual day report in presentation form. You might need a good Microsoft PowerPoint template. You can take help of computer teacher or alumni to create great-looking annual day report. We have prepared a sample annual report powerpoint/ppt template.
  • Collect the data about the achievements of the students, teachers as well as other staff members.
  • We think you should take the annual day report as an opportunity not just to showcase achievements but to show your plans for the school.
  • You might need to create a PDF version of the yearly report to upload it to the website.

I hope this article help you in writing the annual day report writing. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to rate the article.

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