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How to Make Pom Poms at Home- Yarn, Wool, Paper Pompoms, DIY Tips, Ideas, Solution

How to Make Pom Poms at Home- Yarn, Wool, Paper Pompoms, DIY Tips, Ideas, Solution Teentrum fashions India

Have you ever think this small fluffy ball can be like a cherry on the cake? Yes, this cute, little, fun and fuzzy thing can make your clothes, jewellery, Home Decor things and toys look more cute yet stylish. This fluffy small ball is named as Pom pom or Pompon. Pom pom can be made from materials like wool, plastic, paper, cotton and feather also. Cotton or wool pom pom can attach to Tops, Jeans, Shorts Dupatta, saree, Kurtis, blouse, Scarfs etc.. and flaunt yourself with a different look every time you go outside. We see pom poms in some sports also that is called cheerleading pom poms which girls carry in their hand to cheer the players. Those cheerleading pompoms are made from plastic or paper.

Nowadays pom poms are seeking everybody’s attention. The fashion streets are flooded with pom poms. There are many pom poms accessories like Earrings, Bracelet, Anklet, Necklace and also some Home Decor things are available in the market. How about creating your own design from pom poms? Now you all be thinking about how to make pom poms right? Not to worry girls!!! Because in our article we are gonna help you in making pom poms just by sitting at home. Below are some steps to make pom poms.

Materials required:

  • Yarn or Wool Roll
  • Fork or  Cardboard Disc
  • Scissor
  • Let’s start making decorative pom poms:


Before start making the pom first decide how big pom pom you want to make and accordingly choose the tool. For now, we have chosen fork. You can use your fingers to make it.


To make a loop, take yarn roll cut a small piece of it and insert it into the fork. Now put one end of the yarn on the fork and start wrapping around the fork. The more you wrap around the fork the more fluffy your pom pom will become. I am going to make 60 rounds.


Now cut the yarn once you done the wrapping and tie knot by that piece of yarn which we inserted before into the fork.


To make yarn ball, Remove the loop from the fork and cut it. Get it trimmed by cutting uneven ends.

In this way, you can make many pom poms of various sizes and colours.

In same the way, you can make pom poms from paper and plastic also. Below are tips to make paper pom poms.

Materials required:

  • Tissue Paper
  • 24 gauge metal wire
  • Scissor

Let’s start making Paper Pom poms:


Take 20 by 30 in tissue papers. Now make 11/2 inch folds of each tissue creasing with each fold.


In this step, we have to we are going to make centre on the folded tissue and wrap a metal wire around it and twist it. Then trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes with a scissor.


Now separate the layers one at time

The pom pom is ready to use:)

If you liked our humble attempt to provide information, then please let us know in the comment section below to motivate us to work more. 🙂


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