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How to Make Chain Tassels at Home – DIY Tips, Ideas, Steps, Solution

Life is too short to wear boring Jewellery-  Mr.Kate

Hey chics, are you tired of wearing the same boring jewelry which we see on the streets? Do you want to try something different than just not only give you an instant makeover but you never know this can make you a trendsetter? Yes, they are back in fashion and tassels are trending in India and all over the world. The best thing about Tassels is, it can be made with various things like chains, leather cords, cotton, yarn or silk threads, beads. We don’t need to go to the market to buy this thing because these are easily available in our home. You just need to know how to make tassels out of it. And to make it easy for you, we are giving you a full-fledged tutorial with extra tips, ideas, and solutions. Here you will see how to article and very soon we will shoot a video tutorial too.


Depending upon its use, tassels come in various size, material, shapes, and colors. A lightweight wool-silk yarn makes a luxurious and more tailored tassel. For making smaller size tassel use silk or cotton embroidery floss. likewise, tassel can also be made from metal silver or gold chains, leather cords fringes etc. Here we are going to see how to make tassels from a metal chain. Once these chain tassels are ready you can make earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet etc.. from it. You can flaunt it at places like office, outdoor, parties you go or at wedding functions.

Materials Required:

  1. Long Metal Chain(Any color)
  2. Jump Ring,
  3. Earring Cap/ Bigger Size Bead
  4.  Pliers
  5. Headpins

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tips

Let’s start making tassels:

Step 1. Take a long metal chain of any color you like. Cut it into pieces of 2-3 inch each with the help of wire cutter plier. Length can be different but it depends on your expected design.

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tips

Step 2. In this step, we are going to make a loop for hanging this piece of chains into it. So for that take a Headpin or you can take jump ring also but I am going to use a headpin. Make a small loop and put those pieces into that headpin loop and close the loop using round nose plier.

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tipsStep 3
Now insert the wooden bead into the pin. You can use whatever you want for earring cap as long as it looks good.

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tips

Step 3. Now cut the extra pin with a cutter plier and bend it with round nose plier and make a loop.

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tips

The tassel is ready to use 🙂

DIY chain tassels steps solutions idea tutorial hacks tips

If you are fond of handmade jewelry then you don’t need to go to the market to buy expensive jewelry because you can make stylish and cost-effective jewelry like Earrings, Anklet, Bracelet, Necklace..etc out of chain tassels just by sitting at home. We already explained to you about how to make chain tassels. Below are some basic ideas about making earring, anklet, bracelet, and necklace.

Chain Tassels Earrings:

To make the chain tassel earring follow the same steps which we have mentioned above. Once your tassel is ready, get a hook of the same color as chain and insert that hook into that closed loop. That’s it!!! Now your earrings are ready to flaunt. If you want to make some variations you can make use of seed beads to make it fancy and stylish. You can use different earring findings instead of caps and all you need to do is just attach those chains to the holes of the findings.

Chain Tassel Necklace:

To make chain tassel necklace, take a long chain of a specific length. Length can be different. It depends on how long the necklace you want to make. Attach cotton Tassels to the chain. Likewise, you can make multiple layer necklace using multiple chains.

Chain Tassel Bracelet & Anklet:

Just like a necklace, you can make bracelet and anklet also but chain dimension will be different. Chain length depends upon your ankle and wrist size and accordingly make Bracelet and Anklet.

You can use this chain tassels for some accessories like Clutch, Hand Bags etc.

If you liked our humble attempt to provide information, then please let us know in the comment section below to motivate us to work more. 🙂

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