How I saved ₹1534 & earned extra ₹308 on order of ₹3194 with CashKaro

How to Shop and Save Money on CashKaro?

Well, who don’t know what cashback is. Everybody knows, right? But more you use it you come to know that you need to shop more to use those cashbacks. Some sites also put deadlines to use rewarded cashback or else those get expired. Sometimes which might make shoppers shop extra to use those cashback only. In short, these cashbacks are virtual money, you simply can’t get it in your bank accounts, that’s a shame, isn’t it?

Well, if you agree with the above points then we have good news for you. Have you heard about CashKaro? it’s awesome. It offers Coupons, Promo Codes, and REAL money cashback for more than 1500+ e-commerce sites from India.

How does it work?

CashKaro showcases great deals from almost all top online brands. Along with discount deals, they also show you promo codes and additional cashbacks.

In simple words, you get to see all amazing discount offers at one place and on top of it, CashKaro offers additional cashback from themselves, which can be deposited in your bank account. Yes, you can deposit those cashbacks, they are not forcing you to redeem those cashbacks on site. And that’s what sets them apart.

Check following screenshot of the site, they have Amazon, Myntra, Swiggy, Flipkart, Ajio and more, all top brands are here.

How to Shop and Save Money on CashKaro?

How to Shop and Save Money on CashKaro?

It is obvious, first, you need to create an account. Then choose the offer you want to avail, I chose “NNNow” which was offering Flat 20% Cashback, and I wanted to buy some T-Shirts.

On the next page, you can see all the offers given by the brand, chose the one you like and click on “Activate Cashback” button. I chose and copied the first Coupon Code, which offers me 20% off on NNNOW and on top of that 20% Cashback from CashKaro. You should go through “Important Steps to ensure your Cashback Tracks“. See, here it says “Cashback is not applicable on purchases made on NNNOW Mobile app” so I will be doing it on the website, not on NNNow app.

How I saved ₹1534 & earned extra ₹308 on order of ₹3194 with CashKaro

Then I clicked “VISIT RETAILER” button. I redirected to NNNow website. Please note, it says cashback will be added to CashKaro account in 72 hours (3 days) which is fair, I guess. (It gets added right away but might take 3 days to confirm.) Then I did normal shopping and paid for the order. Check out how much I saved from NNNow discounts only.ean cashback

To check cashback, login to your account, go to “My Earnings“. I have received Rs.308.13 extra cashback for an order of Rs. 3194 and I saved Rs. 1534 on NNNow site itself and paid Rs.1,660.00 only. So, I totally saved Rs. 1842.13 and I can deposit Rs.308.13 to my bank account once it is confirmed (Check Status field). Once my order is shipped it will be confirmed. Please note if I cancel the order cashback will be gone. (I didn’t see Rs250 cashback from PayTM which I was offered on NNNow site, duhh 😭)

How to Deposit CashKaro CashBack to Your Bank Account?


How to Deposit CashBack to Your Bank Account?

Once confirmed, to deposit cashback to bank account click “REQUEST CASHBACK PAYMENT” and submit your bank details. It will be transferred in your bank account within a few days. If you face any problem with CashBack or Payment you can raise a support ticket from your account. Please note that a minimum of Rs. 250 confirmed cashback is required to initiate bank deposit.

Earn even more with “Rewards Program”

Yes, with CashKaro reward program you can invite friends & get 10% Cashback For Life! Every Single Time. You just need to share a simple referral link. You can invite friends with email or share the link on social media, WhatsApp etc. It’s up to you. Rewards can be only redeemed in “Amazon Giftcards” you cannot deposit rewards in the bank account. It’s fair enough I guess. Here is my Referral link. Click on it to know more about the reward program. https://cashkaro.com/r=2341413 (Note: Please note that links given in this post are affiliate / Referral links, if qualifies I may get rewards if you go through these links  😜)

If you like to save money while shopping online, you should check CashKaro. Happy Shopping and Happy Saving.

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