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Keep Pimples Away from Your Face with 10 Simple Tips 🧔 👱‍♀️

Keep Pimples Away from Your Face with 10 Simple Tips

You have entered the wonderful phase of being a teen and along with all the mixed emotions that are brewing inside, you have also entered the dreadful pimply phase. Those tiny monsters have a mind of their own and decide to pop just on that very day when you have a date with your crush.

Keep Pimples Away from Your Face with 10 Simple Tips 🧔 👱‍♀️

Teenage life also means an overdose of carbonated drinks, cheesy food which is fried most of the times and weird godforsaken eating hours. All these unhealthy habits gang up against you and you end up with those ugly looking zits on your face. What if we tell you that there ways in which you can tame these nasty things and stop them from happening at all? It involves a little work on your part, a routine that you need to follow and you are all set to deal with them. So, let’s see those tricks and tips to fight pimples off your pretty face.

You Are Not a Lion and Your Face Needs Washing 🦁

Even animals do wash their faces, just that they don’t use water but lick themselves clean. We are not expecting you to go down that lane, for you are evolved enough to open that tap and wash your face twice a day. Too tired, the water is too cold or your legs just don’t want to move? Keep a pack of face wipes in your side dresser or bag for such lazy moments when the face needs a wipe and you have no energy to oblige it.

Exfoliate But Don’t Try and Peel Your Skin Off With It 🤗

It’s good to exfoliate your skin but not so much that you cause rashes with inflammation on it. Exfoliating too much leaves you with open pores unless you follow it up with a face pack. If you exfoliate your face when you are having pimples, it is most likely to leave you with an open wound which might turn into a scar later.

Use a Mild Cleanser and Always Moisturize 🧴

Identify the type of skin you have and then buy a mild face wash accordingly. An oily skin, for instance, needs a face wash that has salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and sensitive skin needs lactic acid or hydrating ingredients. Unless you are working in a brick kiln or a coal mining quarry, you don’t need a harsh face wash.

That Pillowcase and the Towel Needs a Wash…Like Right Now! 🛌🏻

You drool while you sleep, everyone does and it’s kind of cute but the cuteness ends when you get up. That pillowcase needs a wash regularly even if you are as lazy as a sloth. Wash it regularly and if mom does the laundry for you (still?) make the effort of giving the pillowcase to her or to anyone who handles laundry in the house.

A Sunscreen That Suits You 🧴

Test your skin and then get your sunscreen accordingly as some sunscreens while giving you the SPF protection, tend to clog your pores which is the main reason for pimples forming. If your skin is prone to acne, you should buy an oil-free sunscreen and go in for a gel-based formulation.

Take That Makeup off Before You Hit the Sack 💄

Yes you are tired, yes you are sloshed and yes your eyelids are touching the ground as you are super drowsy but that makeup really needs to come off before you sleep. You won’t notice it the next day but makeup will clog your pores and lead to pimples.

Wash Your Face After Posting that ‘Just Out of Workout ‘ Sweaty Selfie 🏃

Rule of thumb is to never wear makeup to your workout even though the urge of posting a selfie mid-workout is quite pressing. Makeup clogs the pores that are meant to release sweat and blocking them will increase the chances of a breakout. Once you are done with your session, wash your face so that the pores are clean of any bacteria which can become the breeding ground for acne and zits.

Eat Healthily 🍎

We cannot emphasize enough on this one as you know it already having been given this ultimate mantra for good skin by your mom. Stay clear of fried foods, carbonated and caffeinated drinks and include more of greens and fruits on your platter. Trust us, a plate of salad will get you more likes on Instagram rather than that tub of fried chicken.

Drink a Lot…Oops, We Meant Water! 🚰

At least a 3-4 liters intake of this elixir of life is a must for healthy and supple skin and to get that glow on your face. Get an app that constantly sends out reminders for having water. Along with water, add a cup of green tea to your diet as well for it works wonders for your skin.

Clean That Mobile Screen 📱

You kept it on the dirty table in the cafeteria, you took it with you the washroom and you just dropped it on the ground, picked it up and used it. Yup, that’s your mobile screen which picked up dirt and bacteria from all these surfaces and then deposited it on your face while you used it.

So, there were 10 simple yet amazingly effective tips and advice to make your skin pimple free and beautiful. What do you do to take care of your skin? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends. Thank you. 🙂

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